CD Burning - Problem writing data CDs & VCDs

  honeythief 14:53 19 Apr 2005

System: Windows ME, Intel Pentium III 933 MHz, 512 MB RAM
Drive Capacity: 18.6 GB of which 1.42 GB is free
CD-RW Drive: Sony CRX140E
CD Burning Software: Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02 and Nero 6.0
CD-R Discs: Philips CD-R80 52x 700 MB (I’ve used this brand for some time, so no compatibility problems)
Burn Speed: 1x

After several years of trouble free CD burning using the above set-up – burning VCDs (using NeroVision Express), creating data CDs, audio CDs and copying CDs (using Adaptec Easy CD Creator) - my PC has recently developed a problem burning data CDs and VCDs.

The problem initially manifested itself when trying to create a data CD using Easy CD Creator. The burn process failed and I received the following error message: -

D0100: I/O error (05/24/00) - Command error - invalid field in CDB

I checked the help files, which state the following: -

Command error - invalid field in CDB
Reasons why you may receive this message:
One or more of the reserved fields in the command descriptor blocks were set, or an option was selected that is not supported by the CD-Recorder.

What to do:
Check for faulty or disconnected cables between your computer and your CD-Recorder.

Check for improper termination of the bus (SCSI only).

Empty the temporary directory and the Recycle bin. If the problem persists, try uninstalling and then re-installing the Easy CD Creator software.

I’ve emptied the temp directory and the recycle bin, which hasn’t rectified the problem. But rather than uninstall and re-install the software I thought I’d try to copy a CD straight from my DVD drive to a CD-R which worked perfectly, which would seem to indicate that there isn’t a problem with the drive itself or its connections.

I then tried to write a data CD using Nero 6 and create a VCD using NeroVision Express, but both processes failed.

I’ve also tried defragmenting my hard drive, just in case that was throwing a spanner in the works, but that hasn’t had any effect.

I’m now at a loss to know what else to try so I’d be very grateful if anyone could offer any suggestions or assistance. Thanks in advance.

honeythief :

  Yoda Knight 15:58 19 Apr 2005

Did Nero 6 or Vision Express return any error messages ?

  honeythief 16:59 19 Apr 2005

Yoda Knight: Thanks for your response :)

I don't recall receiving a detailed error message from Vision Express when the VCD burning failed, but Nero Burning ROM produced a four page error report, which I've uploaded [url=click here]here[/url].

  TC27 09:07 24 Jun 2005

The error in the data recording could have caused a registry error in the Nero Program. ....You may simply have to re-install Nero. Also,if you have installed any other burning software, that could have brought with it a new codec (camera/disc data code reader - sender) which conflicts with the one Nero is using. Simply un-install the other program to also remove the codec it brought.
(Of Course, they should all simply be top quality with full compatability..... one day eh!)

Just a chance some of this may help.

Good Luck.

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