CD Burning Nero

  Chattyone 18:04 20 Jul 2003

I borrowed a copy of Nero loaded it and burned some plays on the PC it plays on my CD player at home but it will not play in my car CD player which is a CDX-CD player incorporated in a Sony car radio.

Any ideas what is wrong???

  jimv7 18:07 20 Jul 2003

Try a different brand of disk.

  leo49 18:08 20 Jul 2003

As it plays on your domestic CD player then it must be down to your car CD player not recognising the disc.Some car players won't - depends on age,etc.You could try another brand of CDR but I would think you should be prepared to be disappointed again.


  -pops- 19:26 20 Jul 2003

This is very common, especially with CDRW disks.

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