cd burning in nero

  copycat2003 17:29 18 May 2003

hi can some one please help me im trying to burn my cds useing nero but it wont i instaled my nero on to my systerm but it only has image recording rather then image and cd rw so they wont burn please help p.s im running windows xp

  leo49 17:37 18 May 2003

Open Nero and click on Recorder/Choose recorder.... on the top toolbar.Ypu should see your CDRW listed and Image recorder.Ensure your CDRW is highlighted.

If your CDRW is not listed then that explains the non-burning.


  The Spires 17:40 18 May 2003

Is Nero asking for a serial number, if you use a version of Nero for a Cd writer make other than the one it was bundled with you can end up with your situation. The answer IF that is the case means purchaing a licence from Ahead Software. click here If you have a recent copy of Nero you would have to simply enter a serial number. This however may not be your problem. :-)

  copycat2003 17:59 18 May 2003

im sorry to say thet i looked 4 my cd rw recorder list its not there and i allso have tryed the serial number bit to i have my number but it still aint working but thank you 4 trying any more comments are very welcome yours hopefully copycat

  Totally-braindead 18:27 18 May 2003

If your cdrecorder is not listed it probably means it is not supported by the particular version of Nero you have. Don't panic though, it is fairly easy to update your Nero. If you go to the Nero website you can find details of what version of Nero suports what cdrecorder, check for your recorder and download the relevant update and that should be that.

  leo49 18:41 18 May 2003

What's the version number of Nero that you have?[click Help/About to find this].

What make/model CD burner drive have you got?

  copycat2003 20:41 18 May 2003

leo49 im running nero 5.5.9 but im not sure about my writer i know its a comby drive for writer/cdrom/dvdrom its really bugging me now some one please help

  broggs 20:50 18 May 2003

the same happened to me with nero.Just go to their website and download an update of supported drives.the same happened to me with easy cd as well.

  copycat2003 21:45 18 May 2003

please tell me do you know the site address and what i should download
i would be very great full for your help

  powerless 21:47 18 May 2003
  copycat2003 22:05 18 May 2003

what was that i clicked its going to take 3 hours to download im only on dial up booooooooo lol thatnks

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