CD Burning - Multiple Disks at once....

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 16:35 18 Sep 2003

I have rather a lot of CD's to duplicate (200 or so) and the prices that I have been quoted for commercial duplication are on the verge of breaking my budget for this project.

However, I wondered of anyone had any experience or can see any problems with attempting to burn two (possibly three) disks at once on the same system using two or three drives.

The system spec is ADM Athlon 3000XP with 1024Mb PC3500 Ram.

I have three Hard drives (2 x Maxtro Diamond Max Plus 9's) and the system master is a Segate SATA 160GB.

Mobo is a Gigabyte GA7 NNXP with IDE Raid and serial Raid. Op sys is XP pro.

My thoughts are that as I have the serial drive I could get at least two CD/RW's into the system both as master and possibly two more as slaves although I think that four CD/RW drives would cause problems and I only have three at the moment.

The burning software is either (or both) Nero 6 and Windows own.

My thoughts are that if I can get two drives in, or possibly three, then the time it would take to burn so many disks in a session becomes managable.

Anyone got any experience or thoughts on this??


  leo49 16:40 18 Sep 2003

Never done it but Nero 6 does have that check box on the Burn tab to use multiple drives so presumably it's an option.

Not seen that yet so many thanks - i will investigate!

  Jester2K II 16:44 18 Sep 2003
  leo49 16:44 18 Sep 2003

It says in the Help file:

"Owners of the retail version of Nero can also burn simultaneously on more than one recorder if they have more than one installed."

And that's all they say!

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