CD Burning--Losing Disks.

  spuds 19:31 17 Nov 2003

I am using a LG GCC-4120B Cd=Rw Recorder with Dvd combo. Never had any problems with this equipment since purchase.Today I have tried to copy a cd-rom as a back-up, but on commencing to burn, the process stops with the error message: E80041931- Trackwriter error-cd read failed-[T7124].

Checking the fault in the help section, it comes back as:smears,fingerprints,dust on cd.Requires cleaning.The original master cd installs with no problem onto the computer, so I do not think there is a problem there.I have tried three different named makes of blank cd's with same results. Disk rejected and made unusable.Total 5 so far.

Any ideas on what is the remedy to solve this problem, cannot afford to keep losing blanks.

  BarryKeith 19:34 17 Nov 2003

It may be some form of copy protection.

  R4 19:43 17 Nov 2003

Have you tried copying the CD Rom to the HD an burning from there.

  packard82uk 19:44 17 Nov 2003

i have same type of problem when i was using nero i fixed it by using an upto date version of nero also have you tryed a diffrent type of cd?

  spuds 20:03 17 Nov 2003

BarryKeith-You could be right, never thought of that.

R4- Haven't tried that yet, will have to give it a try.

packard82uk- Using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5. Never had any problems with this, so far.And have been more than satisfied with it. I have Nero, which I haven't installed on my machine,as yet.

  R4 20:24 17 Nov 2003

Don't put Nero AND Easy CD on together as the have problems if both are loaded. I Use a Bootloader to auto change my registry between Nero 5 and Easy CD 5 pro as it's the only way they will work. (Conflicting Drivers)

Nero 6 would have to be on it's own as it cannot use a BootLoader.

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