cd burning error message

  Mr Happy 16:22 12 Jul 2003

I have an Evesham Celeron PC using Windows 98.
A problem has arisen with my Lite-on CD Writer, and Nero burning software.
Until this week it has worked fine, - now it will not burn a copy CD. The original disc seems to get read OK, but it will not burn onto a blank disc.
I get the same error message each time -
"Invalid field in parameter"
"Burn process failed"
This happens whichever method I try, either saving the CD to hard disk first, on direct disc to disc burning.
I don't even understand the message, let alone what to do about it!
I've tried re-booting, I've tried un-installing the software and re-installing.
Still the same thing happens. Any ideas, anyone?

  Diemmess 17:41 12 Jul 2003

Apart from the obvious that something is failing in the CDR............. like you, I'm hoping someone will come up with an answer. I don't have a problem, but like you I have W98SE, Nero and a Lite-On so I am mighty interested.

Assuming that the CDR has not reached the end of the road it is possible that Nero somehow is corrupted and in typical Windows fashion, un-installing did not remove the faulty code from somewhere so that reinstalling did not overwrite the error.

I realise this is a long way round, but perhaps another uninstall followed by a comb through the registry "finding" and deleteing everything which responds to Ahead or Nero?

Bringing this thread back into play can't be bad!

  wotan 00:56 13 Jul 2003

Hi MrHappy,
Whilst not using the same hardware/software as you,I have experienced this message using my Iomega 650 zip drive and the cause was the quality of the c.d.'s I was trying to burn onto.

  wotan 01:04 13 Jul 2003

Hi again,
I am doing this on the firm's system so I did not get a chance to finish. As I was saying above, I had been offered a job lot of C.D.-Rs at a cut price which seemed like a good deal at the time. Unfortunately they were only good for data and the Iomega could not establish 'burn parameters' (whatever they are), when trying to burn music or video on them.I have reverted to my original make of c.d.s and have had no problems with either music or video burning. Hope this is some help,
Regards ,

  hugh-265156 01:29 13 Jul 2003

i had, had nothing but burning errors for two months or so and i tried everything i could think of different drivers,burning software,slower speed etc and it was a lottery if the cd burnt or not.

i had purchased a spindle of 50 Imation disks.turned out my Pioneer drive just did not like them.

im now using a different brand of disc and my drive is capable of burning at full speed if i want again, no errors.

  powerless 01:41 13 Jul 2003

Do you also have Roxio Installed?

  Mr Happy 20:37 13 Jul 2003

Thanks to everyone.
I took your advice Diemmess, and that seems to have sorted it out. I have burnt 3 discs since without a problem. Cheers.
In answer to Wotan and Huggyg71, I am using Packard Bell CDR's which have been OK previously, so I don't think its them that's causing the problem.
Sorry, Powerless; I don't know what "Roxio" is, but I don't think I have it!
I will leave this thread open for a while, in case anyone else wants to contribute. I would love to know why I suddenly had this problem, and how I can stop it from happening again.
Thanks (happy again)

  Diemmess 10:45 14 Jul 2003

Glad it is sorted. You will probably never know what caused the corruption (if that is what it was.)

Unless you make a hobby of constant disk tidying and poking about with special software, or more risky freelancing in the registry, then sooner or later you are faced with a messy OS and a reformat. It is quite unforgivable how uninstalling so often leaves files all over the place..............
Re-installing is sometimes lazy and says "Oh that file is there already, press on with the next".

Glad you had the skill (and courage) to get it right.

  madzad 10:53 14 Jul 2003

Hi Mr. Happy
Seems I got to this one a day or so late lol.. Roxio is a burning software like Nero.

I too had a similar problem to yourself and the same was inferior disks... Pioneer is a "fussy" drive and will only acept the best. If you are in UK try going to a computer market and you will be able to get opinions for the best CDs to use and also cheaper than the shops on the high st.


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