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  [DELETED] 17:33 06 Oct 2003

I have Nero and I have just installed MAGIX audio cleaning lab V.1, when burning a CD with either programme I am receiving a Error message as follows.

Logical Block Address Out Of Range

and Iam unable to continue.
Can anybody help please as I did not have any problems until I installed MAGIX,and I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programmes to no avail

  [DELETED] 18:09 06 Oct 2003

your Nero is well out of date and MAGIX audio cleaning lab V.1 is now up to V 4.

Uninstall your MAGIX audio cleaning lab then i would First go and update your Nero then try Nero software out first.

The error, Logical Block Address Out Of Range occurs normaly, when the drive first starts writing information to a disc and is usually caused by the internal buffer being full. Make sure that software is updated.

Your MAGIX audio cleaning lab software may be conflicting with nero, or you may be using the MAGIX wrongly.I do not know the program so really cannot comment to much on that.

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  [DELETED] 10:13 07 Oct 2003

Thank you for your quick response, I have taken your advise, updated Nero, removed MAGIX but still have a problem,I have also found out a little more about the problem in Nero help room, and it looks like I will have to find a man that can thanks again

  [DELETED] 14:30 07 Oct 2003

Have you tried writing the disk at a lower speed, say 16x (or lower) instead of 32x (or whatever), this can sometimes help.

  [DELETED] 19:47 07 Oct 2003

your "found out a little more about the problem in Nero help room"

led me to the following,a bit heavy so i will try and give a simple reply later.(Wishfull Thinking)Not really digested the following yet.

I may have to do the same as you suggested,

"I will have to find a man that can"--- :)

Interplay between Nero and other CD burner programs
As a general rule, it is not advisable to install more than one program for CD burning in a system, as the drivers often interfere with each other. On many systems there is no problem if several CD burner programs are installed, but on numerous systems there is a problem.

On some systems Nero and e.g. Easy CD / DirectCD can coexist only if the file SCSI1HLP.VXD is removed from the system.

Either all programs are deinstalled apart from the one you want to use at the moment or you need to use a Bootmenu (in Windows 95/98).

Re deinstallation: Unfortunately not all the pertinent drivers are also removed on deinstalling. Therefore this should be checked. Further information on solving this problem: See drivers of other CD burner programs

Re Bootmenu: With the aid of Bootmenus, on booting you can choose between the drivers of Nero and the drivers of other CD Writer programs. Bootmenus like this have already been prepared and can be downloaded.

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Please check if the recommended hardware settings (in particular the setting in the SCSI-BIOS) are correct.
In many cases this error message either indicates a buffer underrun or (particularly in the case of Yamaha devices) that an unsuitable CD-R brand is being used. Re the former: please read on in Buffer Underrun , re the latter: please read on in Track following error .

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drivers of other CD burner programs
The following is a list of drivers which either belong to other CD burner programs or can cause problems. If you want to test to see if the problems with Nero no longer occur if the corresponding drivers are no longer there, then there are 2 possibilities:

Deinstall the attached program. Unfortunately in some cases the pertinent drivers are not also removed. Then the drivers have to be removed manually. The drivers can be found in the Windows\System\IOSUBSYS directory.
Rename the drivers. Do Please not change the name itself but the name extension, change .VXD , e.g.: to .VX_ Please bear in mind that drivers are also loaded with a file extension such as .VXD.OLD or .OLD.VXD. The drivers can be found in the Windows\System\IOSUBS directory.
The following is a list of the drivers:

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  [DELETED] 20:07 07 Oct 2003


Thank you for your suggestion which I have just tried at 2x[300KBS] but still the same message

  [DELETED] 20:12 07 Oct 2003

Do you run Win xp or ?

If win98,how long, days ago since you installed MAGIX audio cleaning lab V.1 ?

  [DELETED] 20:19 07 Oct 2003

What can I say other than thank you for the translation but I'm afraid it is sill way over my head, I have the basics but thats about all, so I will have to find that man ???

  [DELETED] 20:24 07 Oct 2003

I have windows ME4.9, AND I installed Magix on the 26 /9/03

  [DELETED] 21:33 07 Oct 2003

ok,as you run WinME You should be able to restore your system to before the date of the installation of Magix on the 26 /9/03.

Would you have a problem with that? (not difficult)

"I can give you clear simple intructions to follow." before you apply the restore and how to do the restore after.

All you have to make sure is that Restore my computer to an earlier time is checked,BEFORE the 26 /9/03 then click Next to proceed if you want to try.

as System Restore can undo a change that caused a problem in your system. File Types Monitored By System Restore are the ones with

.exe, .vxd, .dll, .com, and .sys extensions. some of which was loaded with Magix which i believe was the start of your troubles.

It does not monitor user-created files (for example, files that have .txt, .doc, or .xls extensions), the My Documents folder, Temporary Internet files (including the Internet Explorer History, Cookies, or Favorites files), the Recycle Bin, or the Windows Swap (.swp) file.They would stay as the were.

post back.

  [DELETED] 11:49 08 Oct 2003

Thanks again, I have gone through the restore process back to September, I have also just looked into The System Configuration Utility [Which was in PC A's Tips & Tricks]
and the only driver that I can see that Nero refers to in Window\System\IOSUBSYS is as follows

BsUDF Windows\System\Iosubsys\BsUDF VDX

which I disalbed and rebooted then tried Nero but still have the same problem will keep trying for a few day's

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