cd burning

  carl.53-3621 22:38 29 Jun 2003

burning images or vcd pics have blocks missing in display. Nero- tdk32X-- XP 1.3ghz amd- 512m ram-updated drives to nero and shut down anti virus and all tasks recommended.anybody got an idea?

  Giggle n' Bits 22:54 29 Jun 2003

also how are the drives fitted in the computer, eg; Primary master/slave secondary master/slave ?.

  Rtus 22:58 29 Jun 2003

and the video card is ? I assume the picture blocks are missing on replay ..Y/N

  Giggle n' Bits 22:32 30 Jun 2003

Update the graphics card driver, hoepfully you have a dedicated AGP Card and not on-board VGA.

  Rtus 22:39 30 Jun 2003

it only happens when I burn photos to disc - dvd s play ok .There are small lines about 6mm by 1mm in the photos - some are ok - some have stripes all the way across the photo. different manufactured discs burnt give same results

  Rtus 23:00 30 Jun 2003

How were the Pictures installed to your Hard drive before burning ? ( via Scanner /Camera /Video Camera through PCTV card or such likes.. And Please State Which OS WIN 95 /98/98se/ME/XP or ? Apologies.....
This may post twice having difficulty posting ISP keeps disconnecting..

  Rtus 21:28 01 Jul 2003

xp profess 1.3 ghz amd 512 ram navida 16mg graphics card.
pic in from camera digital - thumb nails same as large display. could it be the tdk burner? have had this prob for a while but it seems to be getting worse.

  Rtus 21:35 01 Jul 2003

Couple of things ..Did you upgrade to XP home from ? ..And had the camera software on the unit allready ..Or Did you install camera And Software after XP..Whats the Hard drive size and amount of space Used/Free

  Rtus 20:28 02 Jul 2003

xp clean install then camera software-2 hard drives c 20g d 20g --c 7.8 free d 17g free--the prob only occurs when photos burnt to cd and then viewed from cd -- original pictures on hard drive ok

Sorry I dont Know the limitations of XP (swap file ) as such but suspect you've either too much clutter on the C: drive (12g used) or Your burner Softwares amiss somewhere.. Have you tried the Cd's on Home DVD player ,if you have one?

PPS could you please reply via the forum.. Anyone else got suggestions..

  carl.53-3621 21:45 02 Jul 2003

cds on dvd same -does seem like a burn prob

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