Cd Burning

  sometime 20:03 10 May 2006

I have about 60 family history documents which I want to burn to a cd in a particular order, when I drag and drop them into Nero in the order in which I want them after dragging a few of them they all start going haywire and cannot burn them in the order I want them any suggestions please.

Roger Atkins

  Jak_1 20:10 10 May 2006

How are the documents titled? An alphanumeric title for each might work ie familydoc.001, familydoc.002 etc.

  pj123 21:33 10 May 2006

There was a thread some time ago which addressed this problem. I was having the same problem.

I followed the advice in the thread and it worked a treat.

Unfortunately, I can't seems to find the original thread now. Maybe the Forum Member who posted the solution could point us in the right direction??

  Wak 08:54 11 May 2006

If you place the number at the front of the title then programs should always put them in the correct order. ie. 001family.doc, 002family.doc, etc.

  Simsy 20:04 11 May 2006

that when you put data on a CD, there is no "order" to them as such...

What you can do is change the 2order" that the PC displays them in, e.g. by alphabetical title, by file size, by date created...

(This is not true of Audio CDs, where the tracks can be ordered)



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