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  User-A470719A-A876-42F8-832F53D5179F1175 11:41 07 May 2005

I have both Nero and CD Burner XP3 installed on my PC, but neither will burn CD's. I have tried to run game disks on my CD-RW Rom and have had no problems.

Any ideas would be very welcome!

  Pooke100 12:10 07 May 2005

what operating system?

what version of nero?

are you getting error messages?

what happens when you try to burn a disc?

Have you checked the discs are compatible with your drive?

I use Windows ME.
Nero Version which gives me a "Blue screen" type error message.

The error message on CD Burner XP3 is "Error during power calibration. Can't fulfil writing on disc."

Nero used to work until I changed my ordinary CD-ROM for a faster one. It is set as the Master and the CD-RW as the slave.

  pj123 13:52 07 May 2005

First of all I would suggest you set the CD/RW to master and the CD Rom to slave. In my experience Rewriters always like to be the master.

Secondly I think you should update the version of Nero that you have. Try here: click here

  Pooke100 16:39 07 May 2005

I'd have said the same, try updating software and setting the writer to master.

I have changed the writer to master without success.

The Nero download suggests that I need to buy the new Version 6. Obviously I want to avoid paying out more money when the programme had previously worked!

Any further suggestions?

  pj123 17:31 07 May 2005

"Obviously I want to avoid paying out more money when the programme had previously worked!"

But they are not working now so that is not an option.

Try here: click here

Nero suite 1 OEM including Nero Express for £5.88.

  BRYNIT 17:58 07 May 2005

If nero came with your computer it could be set to the original cd-rom.

  Regnak 18:10 07 May 2005

maybe you need to update your drivers(or re-install them) if not try re-installing the cd-writing software

  Completealias 18:14 07 May 2005

cd buner xp3 is freeware so you could try downloading the latest version, uninstall the previous version then install the new version

  jack 20:14 07 May 2005

There is a core of truth I believe with BRYITS response
OEM Nero discs carry the legend 'To be used only with the Drive supplied' or words to that effect

It would seem that OEM 's are patch for specific drives- if so its a crafy move.

Go to the web site for your drive, carefully select the drive model number and download the latest firmware patch,

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