CD burner problem

  [DELETED] 15:46 16 Aug 2003

Is it possible that CD burners require some maintenance or has mine developed a problem.
Recently when I've burned music to CD I've noticed that some of my cd players either can't play it or when it does it's very distorted. These players previously played these cd's with no problem.

  mimo 15:59 16 Aug 2003

hi could try cleaning the lens or a different recording speed.from my own experience of poor recordings cheap discs are a wast of money.hope this helps.mimo

  [DELETED] 16:03 16 Aug 2003

Hi bumpy

Could you please tell us what burning software you are using as you did not mention it in your original thread. The prolblem with the cd's is possible the make of disk you are using, i had the roughly same problem with my burner and it turned out the be make of disk. But it could also the the burning software, have you tried to reinstall the burning software to see if that has any effect. Other than that there could be a problem with the actual cd burner itself.


  hugh-265156 16:18 16 Aug 2003

for audio recording at a lower speed x4 or x8 and at a quality of 192kbps or higher is better.use good quality cdr discs too.

  [DELETED] 16:31 16 Aug 2003

Not wishing to put any downers on this but I had a similar problem with my burner and it got worse. After a while my PC would often not boot properly and explorer would not "remember" its view settings. I re-formatted my HD, re-installed all software/drivers and still the problem persisted. I found that my back-up data CD's would also not burn properly. My CD burner then started to eject a disks whilst they were still spinning and the disks would be really hot. NERO would also report power calibration errors. In the end I bought another burner (LITEON) at about £44.00. All my burning problems and explorer errors went away as soon as the new burner was installed.

I'm not suggesting that you should buy a new burner at this stage but just keep an eye on other seemingly unrelated errors - Your burner could be the culprit!


  hugh-265156 16:41 16 Aug 2003

home cd players may not play certain brands of cdr disc or those recorded as mp3`s,they are also a lot slower than the cd drive in your computer.if your home player supports mp3`s those recordings burnt at a lower speed and on quality discs will give your home cd player an easier time and cause less playback errors.

  [DELETED] 20:00 16 Aug 2003

I've tried both Nero 5.5 and the copying option in Windows Media Player 9. I've only noticed this problem since I've upgraded to XP.
The burner is an MSI ms-8348.
I've tried using Philips CD-R's, SONY CD-R's and Samsung CD-RW's but with no change.

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