[DELETED] 00:07 04 Aug 2003


i recently bought a cd burner, but i cant get it to work properly.
i have two HHD and every time the cd burner is pluged, the bios tells me that no HHD were detected, and i have to unplug the cd burner to get my two HHD to be detected. thats on thing, but know the other problem is that the same thing happens with my old the cd rom, i really dont know what to do.

please help.

thanks a lot

  powerless 00:20 04 Aug 2003

Have you changed the jumpers to their new postition?

  [DELETED] 00:22 04 Aug 2003

How are your hard drives connected, and how are you trying to connect a CD?

  [DELETED] 00:24 04 Aug 2003

What ide setup are you using?

eg are you putting the cdrw as secondary master?

burners almost always like to be master.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:26 04 Aug 2003

update the software for CD Wrtr Drive.
Also what make & model of wrtr.

Are you connecting the Ribbon cable the correct way round ?.

the Red line should face the little white power connectors on the drives and same as pin 1 on Motherboard.

There is a large batch also of faulty IDE ribbon cables been shiped out where the middle 40pin plug is the incorrect way round.

  [DELETED] 00:32 04 Aug 2003

Hi matius, You really haven't given enough info. ie. internal, external? Cheers, Bill

  [DELETED] 01:35 04 Aug 2003

hey, thanks for your replies

so, i plugged everything the way you guys told me and it worked, but know the problem is that the cdrw is detected as a cd rom, and i can get to burn anyhting. im using a sony cd-rw crx210e1, i installed this cdrw on another computer, win xp made the installation, and was ready to burn cds. it didnt happen with this computer. both are running under win xp pro.

thanks for the help

  [DELETED] 01:43 04 Aug 2003

im no tusing any particular program to copy cds, just the cd-r wizard, wich ive used in the past without any problems

  [DELETED] 08:11 04 Aug 2003

r/click my computer then r/click the cdrw, then properties, on the tabs at the top select recording, make sure there is a check mark in the box 'enable cd recording on this drive'

Had this prob after installing a cdrw on a machine recently.


  [DELETED] 01:16 05 Aug 2003

thanks for your replies

the box was already checked, but they say something about haaving 1gb of free space, wich i dont have, could that be problem? because thats why i bought the cdrw, to make some free space, so i hope thats not the problem.

thanks again

  [DELETED] 21:25 05 Aug 2003

What does it say under the Hardware button in the drive Properties (right click on cd drive)?

If you highlight the cd drive in this window and click on the properties button, what does it say? Is it working okay, are all the drivers loaded etc?

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