CD Burner Emergency!

  PaddyofNine2003 13:23 20 Mar 2004


I bought a CD burner a few months ago, and after a few weeks of work it stopped working: it was not recognised by the computer at all. So, I sent the tower unit of my PC back to the shop this week, and the guy installed a new burner. I came home from college last night, turned on the computer and burned a CD. It worked fine to my delight.

Later this morning, I was doing some course work on my computer. Just reading some pages on the Internet. (At this stage I had not removed the burned CD from the drive.) A while ago, the computer crashed, so I CTRL + ALT + DEL'd my way out of it. When I turned on the computer again, the burner light is on constantly, as if it was reading or writing. The burner is again not recognised in the BIOS screen at the startup, and hence not recognised by Windows. The button on the front of the burner (to open the door of it) won't work, and there's no manual door release button on the front of the burner.

Not only do I want my burner working again, my sister wants her CD back!

What can I do?



  Mr. Chips 13:40 20 Mar 2004

A 'nasty' solution might be to straighten out a paperclip and then insert in into the very small hole in the front panel of the drive, (which you may not have realised is there).
Pushing the wire in should cause the drawer to open.

Not a thing to undertkae lightly.

  Totally-braindead 13:47 20 Mar 2004

You can force the front drawer open using a pin, a medium sized sewing needle is ideal, a fairly blunt one preferably. MAKE SURE THE PC IS OFF and look for a small hole in the front of the drive just under the drawer. Push the pin in ,it does take a good push, and the drawer should slide out enabling you to get the disk out. Incidentally that is what the hole is for, to enable you to open the drawer if something goes wrong with the disk or drive.

  Totally-braindead 13:48 20 Mar 2004

Sorry see Mr.Chips has answered already, I'm a slow typist.

  PaddyofNine2003 14:11 20 Mar 2004

Nah, I know about this trick, but damn my luck, there's no hole in the drive!

  Stuartli 15:13 20 Mar 2004

There will be a small hole somewhere..:-)

There should be no need for force unless you have inadvertently not inserted the disk correctly and it has jammed the drawer. Quite easy to do.

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