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  Creditman 21:23 05 Jun 2005

My knowledge of cds is very limited. I copied some photos to a CD-RW,then later tried to add some more (there was plenty of space) but could'nt do it. Why ? Is this a feature of CD-RW, that you cannot add incrementally ? Is there a way to overcome this ? Thanks

  interzone55 21:32 05 Jun 2005

Before a CD-RW can be used as a re-writable disk it should first be formatted, you can then add and remove files using your normal writing software (Nero, Roxio etc). If you have just written the photos to the CDRW using Windows own software the disk will have been written and closed as if it was a CD-R.

To write to the disk again you will need to format it using Nero etc, this will delete the existing photos so you will have to copy these back to your hard drive.

  pj123 23:09 05 Jun 2005

alan14, Not strictly true (only if you want to "drag & drop). I never format my CD-RWs anymore. I just use them as Multisession CDs.

You can Add and Delete using Nero. If you haven't got Nero get it from:

click here and scroll down a bit. £3.49 including VAT but probably plus postage.

  DieSse 23:41 05 Jun 2005

What OS are you using - in WinXP ou can just drag and drop onto a CD-RW using Explorer - I do it all the time.

With WinME and earlier, I think you will have to format the CD-RW first and set up a program such as Nero In-CD.

  interzone55 19:34 06 Jun 2005

Sorry, you're probably right, I don't use CD-RW anymore as I use DVD-RAM and they have to be formatted, hence my confusion.

  Totally-braindead 20:24 06 Jun 2005

Personally I don't use CDRW disks anymore as I found them to be unreliable if they were kept too long. Just use CDRs using pj123s method and back up anything I want with this. It was different when CDRs were expensive but now they're so cheap I don't bother with CDRWs.

  Creditman 21:12 06 Jun 2005

Many thanks guys for educating me about CD-RWs

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