CD backups: read only problem

  roky 19:58 08 Apr 2003

Help: I thought my backup problems were sorted when I learnt (the hard way) that CD-R was not the right disk if I wanted to be able to continue writing to the files copied there. I've just bought a new supply of Maxell CD-RW 700MB disks, and I'm still getting read-only copies. (Using Nero-Burning ROM - which I confess I don't understand, but I followed the wizard, and it all works EXCEPT the files become irreversibly read-only. Is there a simple solution?????

V. Frustrated

  eccomputers 20:41 08 Apr 2003

If you back up files onto cd they become read only. If you copy them back to the hard drive, select them all and go into properties, you can unselect read only. You will then have to reburn them.
The idea of cd is not as a working environment, but a backup environment. Its far slower then hard drive access anyway.
You could use IN-CD from Nero. This makes a cd-rw become a huge floppy. BUT, the downside is, take it to any other machine without nero and you cant read the damn thing.

  anchor 08:51 09 Apr 2003

As eccomputers says, all files burnt to CD-R will be read only. If you copy them to your hard disc, this attribute can be changed. This can be done one by one, or more easily as a group with a free programme such as CROA.

Click here:
click here

  Pesala 11:29 09 Apr 2003

If you use InCD to allow you to use the CD-RW like a floppy disk, you can drag and drop files to it using Windows Explorer. You should find that they are not marked as read-only.

That is defintely the case with the files on my CD-RW backup disk. I back up using Zip archives on the hard drive, which I copy to CD-RW disks. I use Roxio Direct CD Wizard, which is the equivalent of InCD in the Nero Software suite.

CD-R disks are different. The files are always read-only.

  Pesala 11:33 09 Apr 2003

If the disk has not been formatted for Direct access you will have to erase it and reformat it to remove the read-only files. After reformatting with InCD you will need to copy the files again, but you should now find that are not read-only.

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:58 09 Apr 2003

As pointed out, you can only read a file on a CDR hence they are read only.

If you copy them back to your hard drive (as you would do when you need a backup) you can change them. If you have a large number of files then you can find applications from places like click here that will convert a large number and remove the Read Only string.

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