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  speedy12 16:38 24 Mar 2005

..The Aux-IN and CD-IN connectors on my soundblaster card were being taken up by my 2 CD/DVD drives.

I've just brought a digital tv card and it requires a connection to the Aux-IN on the sound card. I tried looking for an audio y-splitter but was unable to, so in the end i decided to remove the audio cable from one of the CD drives and free up the Aux-IN connector on the sound card. But after having done so, and playing an audio cd from that same cd drive, I can still hear audio!

What going on? What is the purpose of this useless audio cable?.. is it just needed when ripping audio cds?


  woodchip 16:42 24 Mar 2005

I made My own Y spliter by using a bit of another cable and solder colour to colour

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 24 Mar 2005

Older cd drives could not play music cd digitally and so used the analogue audio cable.

If you check device manager properties for your CD/ DVD drives yo should see the enable digital box ticked.

  NinkyRudes 16:59 24 Mar 2005

Hi speedy12!

As you have correctly deducted, modern PCs don't really need the cable in question. Why? It is an analog connector, and, since CDs & DVDs are digital, as are sound cards, the analog cable is rendered fairly useless.

I believe modern Windows automatically detects which hardware is capable of digtal in/out, and configures it this way. There is a way to check/change this, but you'll need someone with a bit more knowledge than me to explain how.

Anyway, the point is, unless you specifically need the cable, you will notice no difference whatsoever without it. The sound is instead passed digitally through the data cable (the big flat grey thing) plugged into your mobo, which then sends it via the sound card to your speakers. Enjoy the TV card, and don't worry about it!

I did that as well, only to discover the aforementioned digital output toggle in Windows!

  NinkyRudes 17:01 24 Mar 2005

You beat me to it by 1 minute - you are the "someone with a bit more knowledge than me" I was referring to!

  speedy12 00:25 25 Mar 2005

thank you very much guys, your feedback has been great as usual!


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