Spr 20:27 14 Aug 2004

A while ago PC Advisor ran an article on how to over come having keep on inserting the CD into the CD Player to play a game. Can anyone remember how to do it

  Stuartli 17:07 15 Aug 2004

>> ARX7GB if I call the created folder ARX7GD. This full stop stops the programme working>>

Surely it would be the D as much as the full stop...:-)

By the way, I also use AutoRoute. It installed what was necessary from the CD-ROM on installation and all I have to do on subsequent use of AutoRoute is insert the disk. The program then starts automatically as with similar types of CD-ROMs.

  Stuartli 17:09 15 Aug 2004

By checking the small Resolved box available at the end of your threads and postings.

  Nosmas 17:25 15 Aug 2004

I think labrat1 has the same problem as Spr and wanted to know how Spr managed to resolve it. Perhaps Spr will post the solution!

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