Spr 20:27 14 Aug 2004

A while ago PC Advisor ran an article on how to over come having keep on inserting the CD into the CD Player to play a game. Can anyone remember how to do it

  son-of-a-gun 20:33 14 Aug 2004

I didn't see the article you refer to but I do use a number of CD applications like you say.

I copy the complete CD to a folder on the hard drive name this folder the same as the CD in my computer, then run set-up from the hard drive.

  Agent Smith 22:26 14 Aug 2004

Try this to create a virtual cd click here there are other programmes as well but I've used this for a long time now. It also has other benefits.

  Chegs ® 23:20 14 Aug 2004

I use "Paragon CD-ROM Emulator" It allows creation of ISO images(non copyrighted protected)of CD/DVD's and its own file format of copy protected CD's,I used it to enable me to run NFS Underground from my hdd.It also allows creation of upto 23 virtual DVD-ROM's(but XP got a bit confused after 3 extra drives)but I only ever use the one extra drive,or I "lose" my CD&DVD-RW's. :-)

click here

There are other apps that do the same,VirtualCD(tried it and hated it)is one I remember.Heres a google list click here

  son-of-a-gun 08:56 15 Aug 2004

In response to a private message

1. You need to be spot on with what you name the folder that contains the copied CD files, absolutely no room for error.
Even a missing full stop will make this screw up; the PC will not have a clue what it’s looking for if the name of this folder is incorrect.

2. Also you need to be 100% certain that all files are copied from the CD into this folder, right click on the CD scroll down, click on open, > edit > select all > copy > paste into new folder.

3. If your prompted that there are hidden files on the CD you need to make sure that these are copied too.

I use Auto route that requires constant access to the CD once the initial programme is loaded. The name of the disk in my computer is ARX7GB if I call the created folder ARX7GD. This full stop stops the programme working.

It could be that the games manufactures have encrypted information on their CDs that stop the above method working.
Please reply through the original threads rather than private messages, there are more heads to help in the threads, also the replied information may, or may not, be of help to other people if they know what the problems are.

  labrat1 16:16 15 Aug 2004

I see you ticked the sorted box,I wanted to know how to do that too, how did you sort it out?

  Stuartli 17:07 15 Aug 2004

>> ARX7GB if I call the created folder ARX7GD. This full stop stops the programme working>>

Surely it would be the D as much as the full stop...:-)

By the way, I also use AutoRoute. It installed what was necessary from the CD-ROM on installation and all I have to do on subsequent use of AutoRoute is insert the disk. The program then starts automatically as with similar types of CD-ROMs.

  Stuartli 17:09 15 Aug 2004

By checking the small Resolved box available at the end of your threads and postings.

  Nosmas 17:25 15 Aug 2004

I think labrat1 has the same problem as Spr and wanted to know how Spr managed to resolve it. Perhaps Spr will post the solution!

  labrat1 18:33 15 Aug 2004

Quote "I think labrat1 has the same problem"

Thank you Nosmas, your right online

  son-of-a-gun 18:51 15 Aug 2004

(Surely it would be the D as much as the full stop...:-}

Excellent observation skills Stuartli you are bang on correct :-) 10/10

The name of the disk in my computer is ARX7GB if I call the created folder ARX7GB. This full stop stops the programme working.

What gets me is the b & d are not even close together. I blame the dog, it was he, who keyed that bit in for me.

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