[DELETED] 16:23 17 Nov 2003

Why can't I get INCD to work with 2000pro when I try to format a disk it gets 3/4 way through and comes up with an error message try another disk. the same when i try another disk

  Diemmess 16:41 17 Nov 2003

Assuming you are using re-writable disks and it is the initial formatting which is failing, then I would recommend that you format the disk separately first directly inside InCD.

Once formatted and with InCd loaded in the background, then you shoul be able save directly to the disk.

Call me lazy, but I prefer to use HD for instant saves and a bog standard but multisession CD for odds and ends I want to keep, just adding the files from time to time until the disk is full.

  [DELETED] 16:51 17 Nov 2003

thats the problem Ive tried formatting within incd but it wont go all the way through

  [DELETED] 17:05 17 Nov 2003

had exactly the same problem (although w98se)with 2 0f 5 brand new CDRW. Just bypassed InCd and burned the stuff via nero. Nero came up with a message saying there was a problem should nero fix it I hit the ok and was away. Could be worth a try or was I one off lucky :-)

  [DELETED] 18:26 17 Nov 2003

What do you use to do that -Nero - or do you know a cheaper way?

  Diemmess 16:43 18 Nov 2003

If I want to keep something which is multi Kb then like you probably burn a CD and done with.
For instant saving, a place on the second HD.
But somehwere along there is say a single file or a set of drivers that I want to load on a friend's computer, and I keep a couple of ordinary CDs (scribble something on the disk for ID and just burn that smaller file series on it.

Eventually I may delete some of the old stuff on that disk and of course sooner or later it is full. It is just one more way of saving for longer almost any file or folder. I find floppys tend to screw up their contents after time and repeated use.

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