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CCTV system advice please?

  hiwatt 14:34 23 Jan 2014

Hi folks Not strictly a PC question but we are looking for a new CCTV DVR recorder to replace the old JPEG 2000 standalone which is getting a bit old now and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a fairly decent DVR system? There are a few "no name" ones on ebay but I'm not sure how the quality would be. I don't really know anything about cameras/CCTV systems so any help/advice would be much appreciated.P.s for anyone who knows about these is there much difference between these 2 at all? click here

  spuds 14:58 23 Jan 2014

I have just selected and purchased the Kongtop (good reviews) which is the same or very similar to the unit you have in your link. It as both the visual and sound connections, others on eBay may not, so best to check at the lower price range items on sale for this specification. Mentioning lower price range, I paid £58.86 delivered next day, no hard-drive fitted. You might also find that the sellers are using different trading names, but are the same company outlets?.

You will also need a hard-drive, and the purchase and size of this will depend on what limits you are wanting for recording. I purchased a 2TB drive from Ebuyer, but for the difference in price, might pay to order direct from the recorder supplier, already fitted.

If you require new camera's then look at Ebuyer Quickcode 429696 to see if they fit the bill. Great value and I doubt if you will better the price. They come complete with long leads ready to fit the recorder!.

  hiwatt 15:11 23 Jan 2014

Thanks Spuds.Ccould you possibly supply a link to it please? I would opt to have the hard drive fitted.1TB should be sufficient. What about the 2nd link from bigbrothersystems has anyone ever dealt with them?They do not accept paypal though.Only credit/debit cards wich is slightly off putting. At the moment it's just the DVR recorder that's needed. Thanks.

  hiwatt 15:18 23 Jan 2014

I found one here click here £116.89 with a 1TB HDD fitted? What do you think of the quality though?Do you think it would be worth paying a bit more for this one click here which is £203.99.Apparently the only DVR in the UK that uses 1200TVL?

  hiwatt 15:19 23 Jan 2014

Thanks woolwell.Hopefully he can advise me.

  spuds 15:27 23 Jan 2014


Looks like the seller I purchased from as reduced their price from £58.86 to £54.99 delivered, since I made the purchase. Try 360778178519 on eBay search, for the item I selected.

As I said earlier, it would appear that some seller's are using more than one name or outlet (check city locations). Also check their full listings for different services and prices. Make sure though that you check specifications before placing an order, the rear connections might not have sound or different attachments on some models. If your camera's do not have sound, then I would still suggest that you purchase, and have sound in reserve for later. The same applies to connections, I chose 8 connections.

I know nothing about the second link company, so cannot help you there!.

  hiwatt 18:29 24 Jan 2014

Spuds what is the quality like of the one you purchased?£55 for a CCTV DVR system sounds really cheap.Obviously it's not gonna be "top of the range" but does it do it's job ok? Is the footage clear and does it back up ok? The system I'm looking for is to record/protect a business so looking for something half decent that will work. That link to the big brother systems one sounds ok but they don't accept paypal so it would be good to hear if anyone has ever heard of or dealt with them? Once again thanks folks!

  wee eddie 19:44 24 Jan 2014

I gather from your previous post that you will be using the CCTV on a Commercial Premises. There is nothing wrong with that.

However you will need to look into the Legal side of things. The Data will need to be encrypted and someone Registered with the Authorities.

Otherwise you could end up with egg on your face.

  woodchip 20:16 24 Jan 2014

Maplin as on offer this month Swan and Sentient CCTV Swan are good but not cheap both 20% off this month

  hiwatt 22:31 24 Jan 2014

Thank you woodchip.I have looked at their website and although there is quite a few models out of stock they have them in a store fairly near to me.I will definitely check them out.Thank you.

  spuds 11:28 25 Jan 2014

hiwatt - I have no problem with the system recently purchased, because it suits our needs. The dvr is not the problem, but more about the camera's that are used, and we found this out, due to the third change of equipment over years of use.

Our first system was a basic simple Wickes CCTV kit which plugged direct to a television. It was B/W only, great in the day, and even great in the evening with the aid of outside lighting. We were still using that until recently, when we believe water might have got into one of the camera's. Second was a colour unit with dvr using memory card. Great in the day, but useless at night, even with infra-red. Both systems I would add, had a fair identification 'presence' range of 30 metres plus at most times.

The latest one, and most recent purchase, which I refer to now, covers our needs fairly well, during the day and evenings, with outside colour during the day and B/W during the night, colour inside all the time. The new camera's more so with better infra-red and range. With the dvr we now have one unit with 8 camera outlets, interchangeable with recordings. For the £190.00 we paid for the dvr, 8 camera's and 2TB hard-drive, I don't think that you can better the price for the purpose required.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to total requirements and price willing to pay. With regards to the Swan brand, they seemed to enter the market very forceful at one stage with discount offers which places like Maplins took advantage of.

From my own limited checks, I have found that some of the units on offer might be rebadged, having come from the same Chinese manufacturing unit or area.

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