CCTV Remote Monitoring with Android device

  GBL 20:48 13 Sep 2014

I have home CCTV installed and use a C&M Secure device connected direct to my router. I can monitor the camera's with both my Android devices and Windows based PC's by using VS500 software. I have two questions, First how can I monitor them with an Apple Mac laptop, as the VS500 apparently is not supported by Apple. Second, how can I monitor them via the internet when away from home, I can see them fine whilst within wireless range of my router but cannot install the plug in for IE.

  spuds 10:38 14 Sep 2014

Fourteen hours without a response, so perhaps to show interest, I might suggest that most of theses home/remote cctv systems can and do offer what you require to some extent.

Perhaps contact with the system manufacturer or software supplier, might provide the answer to any questions that you have. Have you tried this route?.

  Woolwell 11:27 14 Sep 2014

Which camera system?

  GBL 08:49 15 Sep 2014

I think it is the Active X plug in which may be the problem as it needs IE6, the later versions block it due to it being un-certificated, is there a way round that.

The other part is that I need a program for my Mac lap top as the VS500 is Windows based. I have tried some from the Apple store but so far not found on to work.

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