CCTV help needed please.

  hiwatt 14:16 11 Apr 2011

Hi folks. A family member has a CCTV system at their place of work.It's a jpeg 2000 standalone.They have to make a recording.The recordings are burned onto a cd-r as AJP files.Could anyone please tell me how I could burn a dvd of the footage(AJP file)so it can be viewed on a normal dvd player.It's quite urgent so any help is much appreciated.Thank you.

  woodchip 14:48 11 Apr 2011

Download the top one then run the Video through it

  woodchip 14:51 11 Apr 2011

PS you need to copy the link above then paste it into the address bar of your browser hit enter key, save to disc then run it

  hiwatt 15:35 11 Apr 2011

Woodchip,I can't see an option to save to disc?Is this a program to install to convert the AJP files to mpeg?I just get this

  Woolwell 16:17 11 Apr 2011

Don't think that this is easy AJP File

  woodchip 17:55 11 Apr 2011

See if this works, copy to address bar then press enter key. yes there is a program to download, first one at the top

  woodchip 17:58 11 Apr 2011

It still does not bring the File up. See if this works link text

  woodchip 18:02 11 Apr 2011

Okay so this is the only way to make it work, click on the link text, then on the page it brings up type in the search box top left of the web page AJP to Mpeg then press enter download the top file the double click the file to start setup

  hiwatt 19:18 11 Apr 2011

Woodchip the top program is Mpeg converter?Converting from mpeg to various file types.Is that the one?It doesn't mention ajp?Thanks.

  lotvic 21:38 11 Apr 2011

Did you look at Woolwell's link? "You might try using the AJP player from If you can load your file in this player then you will be able to export the video to AVI format. Then you can play it on any windows system that has media player."

You can then use free program dvdflick to convert the .avi to dvd format that you can then burn to a dvd.

  woodchip 22:31 11 Apr 2011

If you look above it it says that it does what you want, AJP to MPEG

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