cctv footage cannot play help please

  paulhis777 02:08 20 Nov 2015

hello i had thought i had posted here last week but cannot find my post ? please can you help i have transferd footage from my CCTV to a USB stick in the hope i could playback on my smart tv but it does not recognized the files also the same when i try and play on my DVD player still does not work but works OK on my PC can some kind person direct me to a good and free file converter perhaps i need to convert these files first before i put them on my USB stick please can you help the recorded CCTV file is SHA 264 thank you Paul

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:27 20 Nov 2015

click here the free VLC player to convert to avi to play on the TV.


  bumpkin 16:17 20 Nov 2015

paulhis777, please let us know if Fruitbats suggestion works, which it should but if not then post the info, errors etc.

  paulhis777 13:44 30 Nov 2015

sorry guys cant seem to download it any help to do this i keep download a thing that take me to a internet page thanks paul

  paulhis777 13:45 30 Nov 2015

also download one that only plays !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 30 Nov 2015

VLC click here for converting files using VLC click here


  paulhis777 17:40 30 Nov 2015

hello sorry i have tried every time i put a file in to convert it crashes i downloaded the 64 bit for windows thanks paul

  paulhis777 01:56 01 Dec 2015

hello any more help please tried a few now none seem to convert 264 file to a avi file also tried 264 to mpeg4 still no luck will no play the file got dlv and wondershare non work is it possible to convert from 264 to avi ? thank you paul

  bumpkin 16:42 01 Dec 2015

I thought I had posted this morning but it is not showing now.

Do you get a message something like "Codec no supported" a any time?

  bumpkin 16:43 01 Dec 2015


  Bris 19:35 01 Dec 2015

Is your CCTV system HD or SD?

When you copy footage to your USB stick does it also copy a routine that plays it on your PC, if not what do you use to play it?

What file extension does the file on the USB stick have?

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