richierich 17:45 05 Sep 2003

Want to hook up a cctv in another room so I can view it on my PC.
Understand I can use a webcam but am I right in thinking you cant use a usb cable longer than 2 or 3 metres.
Any advice please

  MAJ 17:54 05 Sep 2003

A lot of devices will not work if you use a USB cable longer than 3 metres, HP printers in particular. I'm not sure about your camera though.

  richierich 17:57 05 Sep 2003

also I would like to record, with time lapse onto computer hardrive, how do I go about this? Are there any programmes for this?

  david.h 18:14 05 Sep 2003

yes lots of places have the cctv record to large hdd's with very good viewing, i dont know the software, but if you have a littentree pub near by ask them all their pubs cctv goes on to a hdd on a computer at each pub which in turn can be view at any time by head office

  wee eddie 19:56 05 Sep 2003

was discussed back in march. If I remember rightly 5 meters was mentioned and a method of boosting the signal so that multiple cables could be used. Use the search engine for the whole thread

I don't think that USB2 and Firewire suffer from this limit.

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