Is ccna worth doing ? please help

  danny0001uk 12:27 14 Oct 2003

i have the oppurtunity of doing the ccna course and i want to know if it is worth doing salary wise and career wise. If i get this qualification what salary can i expect.

any apionions apprciated



  JIM 15:02 14 Oct 2003

and if you have time to spare you may need to follow up-to the next level.Salary I would presume would go hand in hand with experience after qualification.If your young enough and determined,why not.

The CCNA qualification will open the door to a higher level of study, namely the CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Professional).

Full-time course attendance: 5 days
Fees: Non-residential £600*, Residential £725* (5 nights with discount) (* do not include exam fees payable to the awarding body) (Resettlement Breakdown)

Course objectives
Determine the situation in which a router should be deployed on the network. Identify the ports and interfaces on a typical router and how they can be used for configuration. Be confident in the use of the Cisco IOS and understand Cisco naming conventions. Perform IOS backups and upgrades. Utilise TFTP to ensure. Configuration File integrity. Manage basic security across Console and Telnet connections. Determine the situations in which Dynamic Routing should be deployed over a Statically assigned Route Table. Configure the RIP and IGRP routing protocols. Deploy Cisco Routers within either IP or IPX based networks. Troubleshoot and identify common routing problems such as Routing Loops and Convergence. Maintain LAN security through the deployment of Access Lists. Differentiate between different WAN services such as ISDN BRI\PRI, HDLC, PPP and Frame-Relay. Perform simple PPP and Frame-Relay configurations.

Qualification aims
Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA 640-607

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