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  Terry Brown 21:09 17 Feb 2011

I am looking for a new motherboard bundle and come across this company click here, they are (heavily) advertising best for three years running (2006-2007-2008), but nothing since.

Have you bought from them recently, if so, are they a good company to deal with.

Many thanks

  MAT ALAN 22:18 17 Feb 2011

click here

Would go here if it was my money...

  ICF 07:09 18 Feb 2011

Excellent company to deal with. I have bought many items from them and they are quick to sort out any problems.

  Taff™ 08:12 18 Feb 2011

CCL are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with over the last 6 years. I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend them to anyone and frequently do. My friends and clients often purchase from them and they have a good team of technical, pre-sales and after sales support.

My most recent dealings with them were last September when a customer had a system delivered direct to me for setting up for their business. Order placed at 1.45pm, text message to my phone at 4.30pm with despatch tracking number - delivered by City Link 10 am the following morning. Just simple good service.

If you are in any doubt try ringing them and speak to one of their sales people.

  gengiscant 08:53 18 Feb 2011

I'm with 'taff' and 'icf' a very good company to deal with.

  Terry Brown 09:11 18 Feb 2011

Thankyou all, I will placing an order very shortly.


  Simsy 12:08 18 Feb 2011

and have always found them both good value and helpful.

The last signifant buy from them was a new PC for my dad, almost exactly a year ago, one of their own, not a branded one. I added, (myself), an extra HDD, bought at the same time. The build quality was excellent. The PC has given no problems.

I would add, however, that I do strongly feel that the ranking of how good a company is should be marked by how well the deal with any problems or returns...

I can't judge them on that as I've never had any such issues with them that have needed addressing!



  GaT7 12:44 18 Feb 2011

I haven't personally shopped at CCLOnline, but I've only heard good things about them, so good to see it being confirmed here. I do occasionally link to them on forums if their prices are competitive.

I just wish they made a little more effort with their website though - just appears to be outdated for me. G

  Simsy 13:55 18 Feb 2011

The website is rather "clunky"


  GaT7 14:19 18 Feb 2011

Thanks Simsy, I knew there was a word for it!

And I just noticed they'll be doing something about it after all. See the banner on the main page (click here) - if you click through you can see what the new site will look like. Everybody's making their site a bit Vistaish/Win7ish, aren't they? Wonder if they'll be doing the same when the next edition of Windows comes out. G

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