CCleaner warning

  [DELETED] 16:20 03 Oct 2005

I have noticed that a number of experienced forum members regularly recommend the use of CCleaner.
This link - click here- suggests caution with the use of one of the options that is on by default regarding " cleaning prefetch data", which has apparently been added in a recent update.
I do not use the program myself, but thought the information might be useful.

  CurlyWhirly 16:24 03 Oct 2005

Thanks Depi.
I have unticked the option 'Old prefetch data' just to be on the safe side! ;0)

  bremner 16:26 03 Oct 2005


  [DELETED] 16:44 03 Oct 2005

Same. Thanks.

  powerless 16:44 03 Oct 2005

The good old prefecth IMO is a myth.

  [DELETED] 17:45 03 Oct 2005

Very intresting acticle and website, Also I have unchecked the item in question. By the way, I only use ccleaner to clean IE, firefox, and windows temp files, do not touch the issues button AT ALL. J.B.

  [DELETED] 17:45 03 Oct 2005

This site suggests that emptying the Prefetch folder won't do any harm, but it might slow down the next boot up click here

  [DELETED] 17:52 03 Oct 2005

A different point of view click here

  iambeavis 18:24 03 Oct 2005

My first job, on installing the O/S, is to empty the prefetch and the DLL Cache...I've never had any problems as a result of it.

  [DELETED] 19:10 03 Oct 2005

I regularly clean out ALL my prefetch files. The article is cobblers as you do not need prefetch.


  [DELETED] 19:14 03 Oct 2005

If CCleaner only removes prefetch files that are over two weeks old it wont slow down boot times or anything else.It doesn't delete the entries related to boot files...unless of course you havn't rebooted your pc for over 2 weeks,;0)

My prefetch folder has about a third of its files referring to programs I no longer have and others which get used once every blue moon.......I doubt very much that removing the redundant entries will speed up my pc....and I'm blowed if I can see how removing them will cause my pc to slow down either.CCleaner wont remove any of those useless entries though......not until they are more than 2 weeks old.

I can see how completely emptying the Prefetch folder might slow things up temporarily but CCleaner doesn't do that either..........So as far as I can see it doesn't really matter if you disable or leave the Old Prefetch file cleaner enabled, the net effect on your pc will be zero.

It's a feature that CCleaner really does not need........but it wont do any harm and we are talking about a free program.

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