CCleaner question

  Bagsey 08:22 18 Aug 2008

I have been using CCleaner for some time now and have never had any trouble by just accepting the settings and wiping clean. However this moring I faced a message on bootup telling me that my Windows firewall was turned off. I went to the Windows Firewall link in the control panel and I could not open it. Therefore I did a system restore after remembering that I had run CCleaner last thing yesterday. All is now OK, but what I would like to know is what setting should I have, to stop this happening again.
Windows XP Pro Sp2.
I am sure that there is an expert on CCleaner out there.
Thanks for advice.

  dogbreath1 08:38 18 Aug 2008

I don't think that CCleaner disabled your firewall.

  Andsome 08:39 18 Aug 2008

I have NEVER known C Cleaner to turn off a firewall. I have used this program for longer than I care to remember without any problems whatsoever.

I am puzzled however as to why you are still using SP2 and have not installed SP3 by now.

  Bagsey 09:12 18 Aug 2008

Like you I find it difficult to understand, but I cant think of anything that I did yesterday that could have caused my firewall to switch off. I spent hardly any time on my computer yesterday as I was busy doing other things. I checked my email and then just before bed I ran CCleaner. This morning I had the message telling me that the firewall was off.After much pondering I did a System restore to yesterday and all is now OK. But why did it go OFF ?? :-((
Reason:- New computer in as supplied condition is the reason that I am still on SP2. What advantages does SP3 bring?? I tend to be a " If it ain't broke dont fix it" sort of person.

  tullie 09:15 18 Aug 2008

And incidently,do not rey on the inbuilt firewall with XP.

  Andsome 08:50 19 Aug 2008

SP3 has many security updates that are not and never will be in SP2. If you feel like that why bother with SP1 or SP2. These updates as I see it are issued for a reason.

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