ccleaner queries before first time use

  KBEARS 11:28 12 May 2005

I hope to run ccleaner version 1.19.105 for the first time.
As default everything on it is ticked, will this remove all those programs i.e wmp, adaware, google toolbar, recent documents, etc. Or does it only clear out unwanted data leaving all programs intact as they should be?
I`m to scared right now to run as is!
Also how much difference will ccleaner make on a 2 month old pc?
Have used window washer in the past,are they both similar?

  GroupFC 11:41 12 May 2005

AFAIK, It only removes unwanted data. I have used it regularly for a number of months on its default settings (ie with everything ticked) with no adverse effects (as far as I have been able to discern!).

I have seen comments on here, that some people lose passwords, but I have to say that I have not experienced this.

  Belatucadrus 11:47 12 May 2005

CCleaner can remove programs if you use the 'tools' button, but if you're looking at what you've selected in the applications tab, all it does is clear the old temp files and rubbish from these applications, it neither removes nor harms the programs themselves.
Will it achieve much on a two month old PC, depends what you've been doing with it, run 'Analyse' instead of 'Run Cleaner' and it will show you what it's able to clear out.
At this point there probably isn't much point in running the 'Issues' registry cleaner, but again it doesn't do any harm and if you select back-up, any changes are recoverable.
Is it similar to Window Washer ? yes, much the same sort of application.

  gudgulf 12:02 12 May 2005

If you have any stored passwords just untick the cookies box for IE (if you use Firefox you will find its settings in the Applications tab).Alternatively you can open ccleaner's "Options" and select Cookies.From there you can look through what's on your machine and choose to keep whichever ones you want.

  handful 12:29 12 May 2005

Ccleaner is a useful programme but I find it frustrating that if you have multiple users it only clears the account that it is installed from. I also use Clean Up click here which does all accounts and clears an incredible amount of space for me. (mainly due to kids surfing!) Doesn't look as pretty but works well.

  bosmere 14:18 12 May 2005

If you follow gudgulfs second suggestion (that's the route I take) remember to check the cookies before each future run otherwise you may delete any new 'password cookies' as by default all new cookies go into the delete column.

  KBEARS 15:42 12 May 2005

So am I right in saying that you can ONLY uninstall programs when clicking on the tools "run uninstaller" button?
If so as a safety net can I select them all then "delete entry" and "startup programs" to save this from happening?
Forgot to say I`m using internet explorer and win xp.

  bosmere 15:51 12 May 2005

1- yes

2 - I don't think so.

Running the cleanup is a different function to the Tools/Remove function.

As said above doing a cleanup is safe, and you're offered the facilty to backup your registry.

  VCR97 18:58 12 May 2005

Beginner's guide. click here

  KBEARS 20:28 12 May 2005

Thanks for all the help guys!!
Ran as per all instructions, all seems ok though I havent noticed any difference as of yet but am sure there must be.
This site is absolutely brilliant,one of the best on the web!
Cheers again.

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