CCleaner - latest version - What's happening?

  wee eddie 10:09 04 Nov 2014

When I try to download the latest version of CCleaner, I no longer get the "Run" Option.

The Options I get are: "Open", "Save", and "Close" for the Setup.exe file.

If I click "Open", nothing happens, even though I wait several minutes.

If I clock "Save", it saves the file to my Download Folder. If I then try to open it, a popup opens that asks which Program I want to open it in.

Where am I going wrong?

  spuds 10:35 04 Nov 2014

Something does appear strange!.

I keep getting pop-ups about latest download for CCleaner, yet clicking on the version installed on the computer, there is not the usual 'new CCleaner' download mentioned.

Another point possibly to be aware about, is the previous update I was informed about, led me to the cnet website for the download. I know I have had problems downloading from cnet with unwanted items being installed alongside the program originally intended. There as been a mention about this cnet problem on this and other forums.

  wee eddie 11:49 04 Nov 2014

Woolwell, I am using IE. Could Adblocker be the problem?

  wee eddie 11:57 04 Nov 2014

Interesting:- I used the "New Version" link from within the software and was redirected to FileHippo and got this problem.

So, from the same link I clicked on Piriform and appeared to go to the Piriform Web Site and got the same problem.

However, I have a direct link to Piriform saved in My Favourites and so, used that. Problem solved

  wee eddie 11:58 04 Nov 2014

Thanks Woolwell

  sunnystaines 10:37 05 Nov 2014

Adblocker shouldn't be the problem as I have it installed and didn't get that snag.Same here too downloaded filehippo all ok.

  spuds 11:23 05 Nov 2014

At one point CCleaner 'free' was available direct from Piriform, then I seem to recall the 'free' download was directed to the cnet website. This changed to the FileHippo website, but even FieHippo as had a few comments of late regarding the safety of that website.

Whatever the case, it pays to be aware nowadays on what is being downloaded onto your computer and from where.

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