CCleaner - How good/safe/effective/useful is it?

  compumac 15:57 08 Mar 2005

If I am understanding the content from various threads regarding ccleaner.- You are able to delete almost everything it finds with impunity. This seems too good to be true, or am I up a gum tree? I have an old computer that I re-formatted recently and I use it just to try software out before installing onto my main PC and there is very little on it,- but ccleaner found 85Mb of stuff to remove. I took the plunge and removed all. It still seems to function at this time, but I am loath to use it on my main PC.
Any advice welcome.

  Confab 16:02 08 Mar 2005

Used it for a while with no problems at all

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:03 08 Mar 2005

I have used Ccleaner on over 50 computers including my own two. I delete everything it finds and do not even check to see what it is deleting. It is one of the safest programmes around. You can always use system restore if necessary. I also use Regseeker on every computer that I see, I delete ALL it finds with here Useh these two programme weekly and you will never have a slow computer.


  plsndrs3 16:12 08 Mar 2005

I agree with the other postings here. Been using CCleaner since I saw GANDALF <|:-)> singing its praises. I also delete everything it finds and have never had any problems. I also use a registry cleaner [I use a paid-for: RegVac] and Ccleaner about every 2 weeks.

Out of interest, I 'accquired' a commercial cleaner & it missed stuff that CCleaner didn't. I believe that to be a recommendation in it's own right ....



  rawprawn 17:19 08 Mar 2005

No Problems

  Teaboy 17:25 08 Mar 2005

I use ccleaner-on forum recomendation-delete everything, and all is well.I clean the registry with registry mechanic-seems ok!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 08 Mar 2005

CCleaner delete everything it finds

Scan for issues fix every issue it finds don't even bother with a back up of the registry.

Never had a problem with it.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:08 08 Mar 2005

A very good cleaner - saves a lot of messing about and never lost anything I need.

  Completealias 19:17 08 Mar 2005

Have been using it for the last month or 2 after reading threads on the forum likewise have had no problems with it at all. Very good indeed

  Forum Editor 19:36 08 Mar 2005

when using CCleaner - specifically when using the 'issues' tab. If you delete everything it finds in that section you'll run the risk of breaking some applications - as a client of mine recently found out. She scanned for issues, deleted everything, and subsequently one of her mission-critical programs started throwing up error messages - she had deleted crucial files.

Apart from that one warning I share the enthusiasm of the other contributors - CCleaner is superb, and you may safely delete everything it finds in the 'Windows' tab.

  Dorsai 19:51 08 Mar 2005

Me, personally, I only used it once.

The re-format and re-install that followed means I would not ever touch it again, with someone elses well insulated barge pole.

But thats my opinion. Other like it.

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