CCleaner (free) update not working

  john bunyan 14:53 12 Sep 2017

I use the free version of CCleaner. The version I had was V5.33.6162. An update was offered, and installed theoretically but still kept the old version - not the 6207 that was offered. I tried twice, on 2 computers with the same result - (asks "do you want the new version?"). I do a custom install to miss out pinning to the start menu. Any other CCleaner users had this problem?

  tullie 15:14 12 Sep 2017

Managed the download on second attempt

  wee eddie 15:18 12 Sep 2017

Have to admit that I usually wait a few days before installing any update.

That gives any unforseen problems a chance to be sorted

  john bunyan 15:23 12 Sep 2017

Thanks both. I will try again in a day or two.

  Jollyjohn 15:30 12 Sep 2017

Been having the same issue on two different computers today. Will wait a day or two and try again.

  BT 17:45 12 Sep 2017

Version 5.34.6207 is available. Just downloaded on Win XP and Win 10 with no problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 12 Sep 2017

Same problem points to Filehippo buts its the older version thats downloading.

  hssutton 18:49 12 Sep 2017

Updated without any problem for me, I always download from Piriform

  qwbos 23:14 12 Sep 2017

Updated, only didn't, this afternoon. Hadn't noticed till I saw this.

Just updated successfully by clicking through to Piriform from FileHippo's page.

  qwbos 23:47 12 Sep 2017


It'll offer, but you're not forced to take it. Just click on No Thanks, then select the FREE version - left column of three.

  alanrwood 09:01 13 Sep 2017

D/L from Piriform and updated 10 computers without any problems.

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