CCleaner and delete cookies

  muddypaws 14:08 14 Dec 2011

Could someone please refresh my memory how to delete the cookie list in the Options/Cookies to delete column. I have cookies box checked. Thanks.

  rawprawn 14:53 14 Dec 2011

Cookies you want to keep are the ones in the right hand of the list, there is an option to add or remove them from the list. If you remove them all from the "To keep list" they will all be deleted

  rawprawn 14:54 14 Dec 2011

Should have added "When you run the cleaner"

  muddypaws 15:33 14 Dec 2011

rawprawn That's the problem---they don't delete! I remember from the past it was something to do with having Adobe ( or something) box checked. Well mine is and obviously cookies is ticked. Thanks anyway

  rawprawn 15:38 14 Dec 2011

Have a read here

does that help

  muddypaws 19:56 14 Dec 2011

rawprawn No luck. Have Flash checked and I have no exclusions. Thanks for your time.

  rdave13 20:32 14 Dec 2011

Close Ccleaner then close your browser/s. Open Ccleaner and the list in the column for cookies to be deleted will be empty.

  rdave13 20:45 14 Dec 2011

PS I have my browsers to delete cookies on closing.

  muddypaws 08:45 15 Dec 2011

rdave13 Prefer not to delete all cookies for obvious reasons. Your suggestion didn't work unfortunately, but when running the cleaner just now I had a pop up saying to close browser as cookies wont be deleted. Never had that before, but still no success. XPHome SP3 and FF8 by the way, Thanks.

  rawprawn 14:00 15 Dec 2011

Have you tried uninstalling CCleaner and re downloading the latest version, I know it's along shot but maybe worth a try.

  rdave13 16:01 15 Dec 2011

I think you need to close FF to clear the internet cache. I've just run Ccleaner with FF open then back to the Cookies list and some still show, so closed Ccleaner and re-opened and the left hand column is clear until a page is refreshed or another tab opened. If your list doesn't budge then I go with rawprawn and try a fresh install of Ccleaner.

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