CCleaner. Daft question and answer please.

  mooly 08:34 08 Dec 2008

When I run CCleaner which box do I untick so as not to delete passwords etc. Have tried the cookies one and that doesn't work.
I have BT mail as home page and it resets that back to Yahoo so have to go through a reboot and the password screens to get it back. Same for any forums etc that " remember me "

  Technotiger 08:38 08 Dec 2008

I have only ever run Ccleaner in its default form - ie don't tick or un-tick anything, just run the program as is. Never had any problems!

  Stuartli 08:39 08 Dec 2008

Why would you want a daft answer to a daft question?


Go to CCleaner's Tools>Cookies etc and check out/enter your configuration requirements.

  colberly 08:40 08 Dec 2008

When you downloaded CCleaner did you untick the box which says add Yahoo toolbar or words to that effect? I always do when I update and no Yahoo at all.

  rawprawn 08:41 08 Dec 2008

I agree with Technotiger, but the box NOT to tick is "Autocomplete Form History" Anyway if you do tick this you will get a warning that your Passwords will be deleted

  mooly 08:49 08 Dec 2008

Oh heck, I,ve started something now.
Right, if I run Vistas own disc cleanup there is no problem. If I run CCleaner ( in it's default mode -- never altered anything ) then any passwords etc are lost.
So I have to re enter them all next visit to those sites-- like this one. What ( if it's possible ) do I uncheck to stop that.
I have the Yahoo toolbar from BT mail etc. I use it for all email.
When I stoke the PC up each day I am taken to "BT Mail" as my choice of home page. CCleaner deletes that and replaces it with Yahoo home page, presumably because the password info has been deleted.

  [email protected] 09:18 08 Dec 2008

uninstall the yahoo marketing spyware, either re-install without it or install this click here version.
run it, go to every site you need a password for, enter password, open ccleaner> tools > cookies and move them all to the right (keep) panel.

  dogbreath1 09:19 08 Dec 2008

"I agree with Technotiger, but the box NOT to tick is "Autocomplete Form History" Anyway if you do tick this you will get a warning that your Passwords will be deleted" as rawprawn said.

Then, after having logged into your webmail, launch CC, go to Options>Cookies and highlight those cookies in the left hand pane that relate to BTYahoo. Click the central arrow to move those cookies into 'Cookies To Keep' and they shouldn't be wiped next time you run the cleaner.

  [email protected] 09:20 08 Dec 2008

ccleaner>options>cookies sorry

  sinbads 09:27 08 Dec 2008

Stuartli has given you the answer to your problem

Open ccleaner select options then cookies there are two boxs, the first box contains all the cookies to be deleted, the other box is cookies to keep. Add the ones you want to keep.

logons rely on cookies stored if these are removed by cc then you will have to logon to the site again.

  mooly 12:26 08 Dec 2008

Thanks chaps, Stuartli's suggestion at the start for moving the cookies over seems to work, certainly for the email home page and one forum. For this forum and one other it didn't ? Maybe they have something to do with the "autocomplete forms" setting. One to try next time.
Now does CC remember those settings when a new version is installed ?

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