CCleaner compromised to deliver malware

  Bazzaman 12:58 18 Sep 2017

Due to the significance of this, I'm including a new thread to highlight this issue:-

CCleaner compromised to deliver malware

In particular, note what is stated at the end: "The Cisco Talos researchers recommended that affected systems - of which there could be thousands - should be restored to a state before August 15 2017 or reinstalled. However, they emphasised that updating to CCleaner version 5.34 does not fix the problem as the malware will remain on infected systems."

  Bazzaman 14:35 18 Sep 2017

Further update (from Piriform, the developers of Ccleaner):

Piriform Ccleaner Announcement

  hssutton 14:59 18 Sep 2017

Apparently the problem did not affect 64 bit versions.

MJS WARLORD Piriform always lists the free version with no obligation to buy. There are 3 versions listed. Free, Professional and Professional Plus.

  Menzie 23:25 18 Sep 2017

I read about this today, they say only the 32-bit versions are affected.

It seems attacks are targeting actual servers now and messing with software rather than traditional methods.

Not too long ago Linux Mint's server was hacked and a malicious version of the OS put in its place.

I don't auto update my stuff any more as I find too many issues have cropped up with the latest and greatest these days.

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