ccleaner advice please

  terryr48 12:47 06 Nov 2004

I have just run ccleaner and "scanning issues" has brought up a massive list-invalid file extensions,missing shared dlls,invalid default icon,activex/com issue,open with application issue, font issue,application paths issue,help file issue,installer ref issue,uninstaller ref issue, obsolete software key,old start menu key,
Do i just go ahead and tick them all and then "fix selected issues"? any advise will be welcome because I don't want to delete the wrong ones Thanks in advance.

  iambeavis 12:51 06 Nov 2004

Tick and Fix - allow CC to make a backup for your own peace of mind. You can always delete it at a future date when you're sure everything is OK.

  herc182 13:07 06 Nov 2004

i wouldnt do anthing with ccleaner. when i used it (itr freed up 700mb of my HDD) but then things started going wrong. short cuts not working and errors.....ditch it while you can (in my opinion) but many on this site have used it without problems...

  The Spires 13:48 06 Nov 2004

I have always deleted everything CCleaner finds on several Pc's without problems.

  Tenacious Green 14:05 06 Nov 2004

Just back up all issues and if you have a problem you can put them back and all should be well, however I never had to do that (touch wood) yet!

herc182 - Did you not back up and if so Did importing back to regsitry sort out the problems?

  herc182 14:23 06 Nov 2004

i didnt see a backup option (at least it wasnt obvious). so i didnt, no....

  Tenacious Green 16:31 06 Nov 2004

Not sure which version you were usuing, but the program itself offers you the chance to backup automatically after 'selecting fix issues'.

Very occasionally I am led to belie that it may find a false positive as are most registry cleaners. I suspect that may have happened to you.

Don't be put off though cos I feel it is an excellent utility.

  spuds 17:02 06 Nov 2004

When using CC make sure that you have noted any passwords on your computer. CC sometimes as the tendency to delete these.

  terryr48 00:27 07 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone

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