thumbscrew 23:21 05 Aug 2008

Any CCleaner users about? It states it will delete browsing history, but each time I click on that section, it says "Cleaning complete". However, when I log in, all my browsing history is still there????

  Peter 23:47 05 Aug 2008


You could always delete your browsing history within Internet Explorer. Tools, Internet Options..., Delete, History - I think.


  thumbscrew 23:50 05 Aug 2008

Yo Pete, thanks, did that, I just wondered why CCleaner didn't eradicate them as promised.

  rawprawn 07:26 06 Aug 2008

2 Silly questions, No 1. are all the relevant boxes ticked in the left hand panel and important No 2. make sure that "Only delete files in Windows Temp Folders older than 48 hours" is not ticked in Options/ Advanced

  thumbscrew 09:25 06 Aug 2008

Thanks rawprawn and Halmer, yes done all that but in Mozilla my history is remaining there.

  Arnie 10:58 06 Aug 2008

This is exactly the procedure I use with Firefox.

  Clapton is God 12:40 06 Aug 2008

I'll assume that you have ticked the History box under Windows in CCleaner as well as Firefox under Applications, as above, but did you reboot after running the full clean?

  thumbscrew 19:43 06 Aug 2008

Evening Clapton is God and no, I've never rebooted, I never knew you had to. Can't find any mention of that on their screen. I'll try that thanks.
Ps, if Claptout (Sorry) is God, then Van Halen is Satan.

  thumbscrew 23:04 06 Aug 2008

Right I've just worked out where I was going delete history from Firefox....tick-download history-Internet cache-Internet history-Saved form information. Don't ask!!!
Clapton is God, did you write that on a wall in the 1960s???

  Clapton is God 13:10 07 Aug 2008

"Clapton is God, did you write that on a wall in the 1960s???"

No I didn't but, as you correctly guessed, that's where my Forum nickname is taken from.

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