CCleaner 2.32.1165 -

  Seth Haniel 15:09 26 May 2010

available click here

  onthelimit 15:39 26 May 2010

I can understand the need for frequent updates for antivirus and malware, but why so many for CCleaner?

  provider 2 15:42 26 May 2010
  onthelimit 15:50 26 May 2010

Thanks - still seems odd that they feel the need to adjust things quite so often.

  provider 2 15:57 26 May 2010

Well, perhaps.

On the other hand it`s good to see they`re keeping up with new developments and, I suppose, responding quickly to user feedback.

(Thanks Seth ... )

  interzone55 16:34 26 May 2010

On a similar point, I can't understand why people post about updates here when the software tells you about the update anyway...

  provider 2 16:49 26 May 2010

True, it does, but in the case of Ccleaner, only once, I think.

If you miss that chance it`s only too easy to forget and I find the reminders here most useful.

  BT 16:51 26 May 2010

I used to wonder that, but CCLeaner Install window says the update checker may not work with some Firewalls.

  desi3026 17:25 26 May 2010

It doesn't update with me,so I'm glad to here it from posters.

  onthelimit 17:41 26 May 2010

Have a look in Options, Settings, as you may not have the 'inform me' box ticked.

  desi3026 21:31 26 May 2010

Yes,you were right onthelimit.Have now checked box and will wait for the next update.Sorry for my spelling by the way.

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