herc182 21:03 03 Dec 2004

I decided to reinstall it and run it. ran it, and it came up with a list of things, had a look through it, selected the lot, then backed up my registry at the prompt and removed them all.

as a test, i ran it straight after and i got no prompt to backup the registry, and it removed 45mb of stuff with asking me what i wanted to do. why didnt i get the choice to remove what i wanted and back up the registry?

thank you

  Jackcoms 21:06 03 Dec 2004

You only get the choice to back-up the registry when you run 'Issues'.

Running 'Windows' and 'Applications' does not clean/remove any registry-related items.

  ACOLYTE 21:09 03 Dec 2004

Don't know if I'm using this wrong but when i use this it has never deleted anything from registry,i dont even think it does that.

  ACOLYTE 21:10 03 Dec 2004

If you wont to clean the reg in xp iwould use this click here

  Jackcoms 21:13 03 Dec 2004

Quote from CCleaner's online help page:

Registry Cleaner

"This scans your registry and highlights issues that may be causing problems. Once scanned you may select the issues and fix them. You will be offered the chance the backup any changes as well. The options for what to scan are listed on the third tab "Issues" on the main window".

  herc182 21:15 03 Dec 2004

o i see. so the tab that is currently selected (ie either windows, applications, registry) that is what it cleans? i was not aware of that.

thanks for that.

  herc182 21:19 03 Dec 2004

thanks for your help. just one query. i ran registry cleaner twice in a row and it still picked stuff up on the second run. why didnt it pick them all up on the first one?

and how often is it worthwhile running this program?


  Jackcoms 21:20 03 Dec 2004


click here

  Jackcoms 21:29 03 Dec 2004


"and how often is it worthwhile running this program?"

How often do you run your AV software? How often do you run your anti-malware software? How often do you defrag? How often do you back-up? How often do you run Check Disk? How long is a piece of string?

The choice is yours. For what it's worth I do all of the above once a week (except measuring pieces of string). :-)

  ACOLYTE 21:43 03 Dec 2004

i would still use regscrub xp for reg cleaning its made just for that ccleaner is good for cleaning crap but the reg is a different matter.

  herc182 21:58 03 Dec 2004

thanks people. much appreciated

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