Dumfy 21:38 04 Apr 2004

Hi All,

I'm baffled by this. My brother-in-law was given disk from his college to install on his PC at home to help him in his coursework. It came as a Winrar file and when it was extracted, it split into three sections....namely a .ccd/.img/.sub

Both he and I are unsure about this and don't know what we need to do next. How do we get the software to install as just clicking on each of the icons does nothing.

Many thanks in anticipation


  VoG II 21:45 04 Apr 2004
  Dumfy 14:35 05 Apr 2004

Thanks for the links and info.

I did manage to work out that the three files in question were part of clonecd, but I'm still stuck even after reading the links.

How do I put them together, which I assume I have to do in order to install his software.

I've installed from ISO images before, first copying them to CD and installing from there when the disc is inserted, but I don't understand what I need to do when confronted with three separate files. CloneCD will only recognise one of them and that is the one with the .ccd extension.



  toxin 17:05 05 Apr 2004

Hi Dumfy!

The IMG is a Gem raster image file; Irfanview can open this for you if you download the required plugin, you can then save as a JPG or PNG.

  Dumfy 19:38 05 Apr 2004

It's getting a little frustrating this problem. Still not getting anywhere.

I understand what you're saying, toxin and thanks for the help. But the IMG file in question on the disk is around 455MB so it's way too big to be a used as what I would call a standard image file like jpeg/png.

It must be an image of the program on the CD to be that size.

Dunno how to join all three parts up though. Anybody have an idea? It's probably obvious, but I can't work it out.



  Dumfy 00:36 06 Apr 2004

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