Is cc cleaner useful?

  thumbscrew 20:35 26 Jul 2011

I've come to the conclusion that cc cleaner isn't worth the space it's taking up on my machine. Everything I "Clean", returns the next time I log on and, on the one occasion I cleaned the Registry, I had to System Restore because it stopped loading of Mozilla. Anyone concur?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 26 Jul 2011


Its one of the best programs I have on my machine.

the HDD would become clogged with temp internet files and slow down over time.

Never had a problem with the registry cleaner in the ten years I've been using it.

  thumbscrew 20:49 26 Jul 2011

Greetings Fruit Bat and thanks. Glad you're happy...I can only repeat what's on the post. Registry deletions can be fatal and, in my opinion it's all to simple to delete something important especially for the likes of me....blissfully disinterested in anything even slightly technical...and proud of it! All too easy to do with the Registry contents as it's merely a list of gobbledygook, with no warning about which should not be touched.

  sunnystaines 20:54 26 Jul 2011

i have ccleaner on my computers for years problem free.

recently had to reload xp on our laptop, did not add any utilities cleaners or reg cleaners.

so far not got sluggish but i intend to see how it goes over time, but i must say running a reg cleaner after an update with any software is often an eye opener. jave,adobe,sas,silverlight being the worse software for leaving loads of debris behind.

  tonyx1302 21:03 26 Jul 2011

Thanks sunnystaines. It's still one of the best freebies available and as for being to slow as per VCR97 post, surely you have a minute in a busy day to let CCleaner do an excellent clean up job ??? Tony

  thumbscrew 21:11 26 Jul 2011

Treat me like an idiot guys....I don't mind a jot. But if I wipe clean with cc and everything's back next day...what good is that?

  compumac 21:39 26 Jul 2011

I started using CCleaner a years ago after seeing it recommended on this forum. I always use it before and after installing/removing programmes and the amounts of residue it finds is quite unbelievable. I would definitely recommend it. It resides on all of my PC's

  mgmcc 21:42 26 Jul 2011

"But if I wipe clean with cc and everything's back next day...what good is that?"

If you run Ccleaner daily, you'll only have up to one day's crap in the PC. If you don't run it, you'll have an ever increasing amount of crap building up.

Obviously there are programs which create "temp" files and these will come back time and time again, but Ccleaner will get rid of the ones which are no longer necessary. It is generally acknowledged as being an excellent piece of software.

  thumbscrew 21:46 26 Jul 2011

Ok I'm coming round, I've never considered running it daily.....but what about the undecipherable Registry stuff?

  mgmcc 22:14 26 Jul 2011

There is a "school of thought" that believes you should never touch the registry and that left over keys don't have a significant effect on PC performance. You can run Ccleaner's normal cleaning feature and ignore the registry cleaner.

Having said that, I have used the registry cleaner without (so far) any issues. However, I do have all of my computers backed up to external drives with Acronis True Image so, in the event of totally messing up the registry, I can be up and running again in a matter of minutes - a safeguard I believe everyone should have.

  wee eddie 22:23 26 Jul 2011

Did you change the Default Settings for the Registry Cleaner?

Did you Back-up the Registry, as suggested with a Pop-up, when you Cleaned your Registry?

Do you understand what Cookies are?

Did you realise that when you clean out the Cookies, you would have to re-enter all your Passwords again unless you had protected those particular Cookies?

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