Cautionary tale re electrical storms

  watchful 11:01 12 Aug 2003

We had storms in my area of the NW yesterday and I didn't unplug my telephone connector. Consequently I had to have a new modem fitted today.
Not an expensive job but I wasn't aware that a build up of static can damage the modem.
I have surge-breakers for the electrical side of things but just thought others may not know about the telephone side of it.

  mole44 11:13 12 Aug 2003

now you know why like me you should invest in a belkin surge protector i have one for puter and one for my tv system.

  dazzling (work) 11:32 12 Aug 2003

watchfull heres one for you my friends house was hit by lightining on sunday in N.E. the strike hit his bell box for his house alarm blew it completly of the wall trashed his alarm two tellys 2 videos 1 dvd player and half of the ring main in the garage and all of his phones.his delicate computer which was plugged in to mains and phone line was completly undamaged but hell never be that lucky again if you can consider that lucky.darren

  jospar 11:33 12 Aug 2003

My surg protector does the lot, computer, t.v and phone.

But I still take out the phone when there thunder in the air. As the surge protector can only protect your equipment to a certain extent, normal in the case of the electrical supply it can cope very well. As most electrical cables for house hold use are underground so it is unlikley for lightling to have a direct hit, and pump masses of charge through the line.

But in the case of phone lines a large amount are above ground (mine included) so it is more likley to get a direct hit, and if the lightling strikes near enough then the charge pumping through the cable is a lot larger than any surg protector can protect against.

So my advise is; surg protector or not, take out the phone lead, it is always cheaper, just in case the worst does happen.

  watchful 12:35 12 Aug 2003

Thank goodness it wasn't that bad although I've read of similar horror stories on here.

It just proves we shouldn't become complacent in extreme weather conditions.

Jospar - the engineer told me that most people don't bother to pull out the 'phone socket but I will in future, just in case!

PS. This is my 1000th visit to PCA, mostly browsing, not for that many problems!

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