A Cautionary Tale

  crosstrainer 06:51 21 Mar 2010

I have used Regseeker for quite a while without problems (due care and attention and backups always)

Yesterday, it chewed my entire registry rendering this PC useless. It's the first time I have ever had to use the F11 option to access Acronis, which put everything back to normal. (I Love TI) There was a strange error message in French at the end of the regseeker scan, and that was that. It may be that the new version is more aggressive, and it does come with a disclaimer, but without TI It would have been a very long boring re-installation day.

Might be best to avoid this for a while, am going to test it on my other PC to see what happens. The Acronis backup was 1 day old, so lost nothing.

A medal for that software I think.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 21 Mar 2010

Thank god somebody backs up -before- getting themselves in a mess.

I'm always rather cautious with reg cleaners and only use the one built into CCleaner nowadays.

  rawprawn 10:57 21 Mar 2010

I use WinAso Paid for version, and CCleaner Free. Like you with Regseeker, I have never had a problem. However I always use Acronis which is probably the most important program on my machine.

  cocteau48 11:19 21 Mar 2010

At least you now "know" that Acronis works and you will have the confidence to use it again in the future.

A double endorsement of rawprawn's "probably the most important program on my machine"

  mooly 12:47 21 Mar 2010

I'll make that a "triple endorsement" of Acronis.
I couldn't imagine using a PC and not having it.
You really do feel totally "immune" to whatever may happen, either through, or not through any fault of your own.

As to registry cleaning... I've even given CC a miss this time round, and am happily gathering (probably) a nice long list of so called "errors"
Used to use it regularly, and occasionally had "unexplained" weird Windows issues that defied all logic.
Not using it and now 7 months into "clean install" and all still as quick and perfect as day one. Is there a lesson there somewhere :)
Just using windows tools and 'nowt else to see, and so far I'm impressed (Vista).

  crosstrainer 13:28 21 Mar 2010

Im always using it :)) I constantly push the boundaries, but this is the first time I have had to use the F11 option to access it. It is certainly the most important software on my machines. But it's only as good as your last backup!

  rawprawn 16:37 21 Mar 2010

Acronis 2010 One Click every other day for me, plus ordinary backups weekly.
I'm a real belt and braces man -:))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 21 Mar 2010


So good its the only software (other than games) I've paid for in the last 5 years.

  rawprawn 17:18 21 Mar 2010

The one thing that disappoints is that support is no longer free.

  VCR97 19:08 21 Mar 2010

Which version of Regseeker are you using? Did it foul up during the scan or during the cleanup?

  crosstrainer 06:40 22 Mar 2010

I have deleted it. but it was a recent (newest version)

The scan proceeded as normal until 99% completion, then a dialogue box in French popped up with an exception error.

The machine froze, so I was unable to restore the registry from the backup, after shut down, dead PC, so Acronis F11 to the rescue....Machine is virus free, so it was Regseeker that caused the problem.

I will revert to manual Regedit and Ccleaner from now on.

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