Caution - patience when "Helping"

  Diemmess 17:50 07 Oct 2003

Taran’s excellent thread “Backup, Backup, Backup", is an example of the truly professional advice given in this helproom. Most other contributors to this thread show the same approach.

What bothers me a little is the trap amateurs like me have of assuming that the person seeking help has a basic knowledge, when some (outside this forum) clearly think that the quality of the hardware is paramount, and any data is as permanent as the pyramids.

Even at this forum level, there is still the occasional post eventually showing confusion between ROM and RAM, BIOS and DOS, HDs and Partitions, and so on.

As for that perennial – Backups, there seems no end to the variety of ways to have data stored against a Black Day when the owner cannot access vital information.
OK, most who read this forum will keep something safe, or they think they do. How many of those ever try to recover what they think they have stored?

Banging a personal drum - I keep the OS on a smallish partition, so that at least the OS and its associated links with the applications, can be saved elsewhere as an image file. The apps. are kept on a larger partition (D:) also imaged, and data elsewhere on another HD. ...........Yes I know this has snags caused by the scatter of vital stuff but data can simply be copied to another safe place while the “C: and D drives” are restored in minutes.

It bothers me that so many contributors fit enormous single partition HDs - (Finally confirming my own deficiencies ) – If you have a straight say 100Gb drive with all sorts of stuff on it, how on earth can you make a useful backup of that?

  froggg 18:06 07 Oct 2003

raid 1 !!!!!,or removable second h/drive

  Jester2K II 18:20 07 Oct 2003

floppy disk (lots of 'em)

or a second hard drive containing folders with Apps, Docs backup, Data Backup (misc data from Apps), Drivers, Utilities, Game Mod and Maps etc etc etc etc

Plus a program like EzBackItUp click here to do the hard work once or twice a day.

  keith-236785 18:31 07 Oct 2003

One simple solution is to use partition magic or similar software to split the 100gig drive into two or more partitions (as i have just done with my new 80 gig drive) i save all my important files and backups on drive D:, and the os on drive C:, then if it all goes wrong at least i can format/reinstall windows and not lose anything.

my only problem would be a total hard drive failure which although bad will not be the end of the world as i have also burnt my files to cd.

as for backups, not for me.

if it all goes wrong then it gives me the chance for a clean start, as i said i have all the files saved (yes i know its a sort of backup but its not like a full image)

As you said and i agree, people make backups,save files etc then find they have lost/overwritten or in my experience the cd has gone faulty and wont work. therefore very important things are burnt twice .

if the person you are trying to help doesnt understand what you are saying then they will/should tell you, then you can start again in more detail (we have all been learners at some point so no need to feel stupid for not understanding how to get to command prompt in winXP or turn off/on system restore, in fact i myself have just had cause to come on here asking how to remove a NTFS partition) i was amazed how easy it was after getting help from Powerless

  Djohn 18:41 07 Oct 2003

"i was amazed how easy it was after getting help from Powerless"

He phoned me for the answer!

Err! What's NTFS ;o)

  Rtus 19:01 07 Oct 2003

Can you actually reach your keyboard with all those floppies......? Seriously I use Drive image. Along with additional drive's (drive caddy to change over )So even without backup I can be active again in minutes..The Only thing I havent been able to back up against is loss of ISP connection..Say No & er whats ya phone Number Djohn LOL

  Diemmess 21:29 07 Oct 2003

Nice to have all that comment, but (my fault) I intended mainly to underline the vital need to ---

(1) make restorable backups whenever things are going well.

(2) when asked for help be aware that the person you are helping may not understand the problem.

  VoG II 21:53 07 Oct 2003

Yes but under (2) the person wishing to help may not understand the problem if it is not described accurately. I appreciate that we are not all "tech heads" but it doesn't take much effort, for example, to state what an error message is, rather than stating "I get an error Explorer had to close blah blah".

I fully agree with (1) and whatever happened to Edstow (sorry, can't do the Euro symbol anymore).

  Djohn 21:57 07 Oct 2003

VoG, I was just thinking the same, haven't seen him for ages :o(

  VoG II 22:01 07 Oct 2003

Members come and members go

But VoG is never slow


  Djohn 22:05 07 Oct 2003


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