Catastrophic PC Failure? No Signs of Life

  Akrid 05:35 19 Apr 2018


My PC just shut down suddenly and won't turn back on, and I'm completely stumped on what to do. My first thought was that it would be a PSU problem but it unfortunately actually seems like it's the opposite - nothing but my PSU seems to work at all. I can attempt a boot with the power button, but nothing happens except my PSU fan spinning up, and the only way I can shut it down is to flip the power switch on the PSU. All my other fans don't even attempt to spin up, but my GPU has a power light that is lit, so it must be getting at least some power. Also, I can hear that my hard drives are spinning. So unless I'm bad at my PC anatomy, that means they are getting some power from the motherboard.

Nothing obvious could have triggered the shutdown - I was doing very light CAD work while listening to a podcast. No power surge, no sound of a capacitor popping, no jostling of the case. Only thing of note is that after the shutdown my computer speakers were making an odd static sound continuously until I unplugged them.

As a perhaps important note, I had to replace my CPU heatsink last week because my previous one was clogged with dust and causing overheating. I checked if my heatsinks or fans were blowing hot right after the shutdown though and the only thing that was warm was the PSU that was still running. I've also checked for loose cables from the PSU to the motherboard and otherwise.

I just hope my motherboard isn't dead... Am I wrong in thinking this is the most likely possibility? Also, if my boot hard drive is kaput it would still let me get into the BIOs right? So I can rule that out..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07:52 19 Apr 2018

It certauinl sounds bad if only the PSu fan is running.

My first test would be to try another PSU f you have one you can borrow from another machine.

or at least try removing connections to evrything except the board with one stick of memory abd see if it will get to BIOS.

some things to try fro a non booting machine click here

  Akrid 16:03 19 Apr 2018

Guess it was a false alarm..? I pressed in the 24-pin connector a bit more thoroughly and it booted this morning.

Thanks for taking the time to answer me though.

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