bobfish 09:15 23 Nov 2004

Every time i try to install a game it will crash durin install and the error message reads catastrophic failure, i have changed the games at the shops but still the same thing, my specs are above the recommended but it still happens

please help

  Diodorus Siculus 09:28 23 Nov 2004

Can you give more detals please - your operating system, the game you want to play, the hardware you are using and so on.

  bobfish 10:27 23 Nov 2004

am trying deus ex invisible war and silent hill 4
running on win xp, 1.5ghz 512mb ram, directx 9c. keep gettin a catastrophic failure message when trying to install!! or says that i am currently running another program when i am not!!!



  bobfish 10:28 23 Nov 2004

i have intel pentium 4 processor

  dagwoood 10:43 23 Nov 2004

Bobfish, I know you said you have no programs running, but have you turned off your antivirus software and firewall?


  bobfish 10:57 23 Nov 2004

Have turned off firewall antivirus and automatic updates but still the same.

any thing else?
keeps showing this error mesage (-5003:0x8004ace4) what does this mean?

  ACOLYTE 11:33 23 Nov 2004

I only had this message 1 time and that was when i upgraded my g card drivers without uninstalling the old ones first,maybe you shoud check the g card drivers.

  bobfish 12:36 23 Nov 2004

when i look in my add or remove programs, it is saying i have silent hill4 program installed but i cannot delete it and i can not find it in the search.. !!! whats going on???

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