Catastrophic ASP error.

  Prometheus5807 11:57 08 Jan 2007

I thought I'd have a go at passwording webpages just for fun and I found microsoft tutorial at click here.

I worked my way through it and at first I had problems with incorrect paths, but now it says theres a problem with my file, when I use the logon.asp page and enter my username and password and hit enter I get:

Provider error '8000ffff'

Catastrophic failure

/logon/_private/, line 34

The file is as follows:
' Do not cache this page.
Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"

' Define the name of the users table.
Const USERS_TABLE = "tblUsers"
' Define the path to the logon page.
Const LOGON_PAGE = "/logon/logon.asp"
' Define the path to the logon database.
Const MDB_URL = "/logon/_private/logon.mdb"

' Check to see whether you have a current user name.
If Len(Session("UID")) = 0 Then
' Are you currently on the logon page?
If LCase(LOGON_PAGE) > LCase(Request.ServerVariables("URL")) Then
' If not, set a session variable for the page that made the request...
Session("REFERRER") = Request.ServerVariables("URL")
' ...and redirect to the logon page.
Response.Redirect LOGON_PAGE
End If
End If

' This function checks for a username/password combination.
Function ComparePassword(UID,PWD)
' Define your variables.
Dim strSQL, objCN, objRS
' Set up your SQL string.
" WHERE (UID='" & ParseText(UID) & _
"' AND PWD='" & ParseText(PWD) & "');"
' Create a database connection object.
Set objCN = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
' Open the database connection object.
objCN.Open "driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; dbq=" & _
Server.MapPath(MDB_URL) & "; uid=admin; pwd="
' Run the database query.
Set objRS = objCN.Execute(strSQL)
' Set the status to true/false for the database lookup.
ComparePassword = Not(objRS.EOF)
' Close your database objects.
Set objRS = Nothing
Set objCN = Nothing
End Function

' This function restricts text to alpha-numeric data only.
Function ParseText(TXT)
Dim intPos, strText, intText
For intPos = 1 TO Len(TXT)
intText = Asc(Mid(TXT,intPos,1))
If (intText > 47 And intText 58) Or _
(intText > 64 And intText 91) Or _
(intText > 96 And intText 123) Then
strText = strText & Mid(TXT,intPos,1)
End if
ParseText = strText
End Function

Line 34 being:
objCN.Open "driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; dbq=" & _
Server.MapPath(MDB_URL) & "; uid=admin; pwd="

My website is configured to use ASP.NET.
File locations on webserver:

Can anybody see where I've gone wrong?

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