Cat6 Outdoor cable advice?

  CrazyTalk 22:57 23 Feb 2009


Am looking to run about 10mtres if not that of ethernet from the outside of my house to another room. Has to be outside as all rooms carpeted.
Looking around it seems that cat6 is the way to go as cat5e is being replaced by cat6. I have looked around and cannot find anywhere that will sell outdoor cat6 for under 50 metres. I have found this site click here=
Want to go out one wall from oneend in to the other useing a 1gb switch at both ends (indoors), will do the rj45s myself. Does this solid UTP make sense. Any advice please?

  Tech Guy 00:52 24 Feb 2009

Just buy the indoor cable and use conduit/trucking, but make sure no water can get in.

The outside cable just has a tougher sheath thats all.

While you are installing the cable best run a spare cable down or some string to run future cable.

Use RJ45 face plates when you enter and exit the building for a neater & professional finish, then connect to the switches with patch cables.

Hope this helps

  CrazyTalk 13:35 26 Feb 2009

Thanks tech guy, not sure about the face plates i.e how they are configured. Would it be a straight configured cable (not cross over) between faceplates. Then cross over patch cables from face plate to hub or PC. A bit rusty on netwrk wiring.

  Tech Guy 20:28 26 Feb 2009

If you are running between two switches then would need to be crossover between the face plates.

If running from switch to computer then straight through between face plates.

Face plates are sooo easy to wire up, you just buy a cheap tool for pushing the wires in the connectors (around a £1). The face plate have the wiring diagram.

Then use straight through patch leads from the face plate to the switches, in all cases.

Hope this helps.

  CrazyTalk 15:27 27 Feb 2009

Thanks again. Sorry about the questions but one last set if I may.

ok So If the main set up will be face plate to face plate. Out of which could be connected to a switch at both ends and then out of the switch would be connected PCs, PS3 etc etc

I would need a cross over between faceplates. Then a cross over again from face plate to the switch and then a cross over again to the PC, PS3, Router etc etc

Sorry if this is a bit OTT kinda understood cross overs with straights but when we discussed faceplates thats blown me away a bit!

  Tech Guy 17:21 27 Feb 2009

Ask as many questions as needed, until you understand. We all started somewhere.

Tell me excacly what you intend to do and i'll tell you how to acheive it.

The face plates are just there to terminate the wire, instead of just going out a dirty hole in your wall.

The best way to remember the crossover/straight through rule is:

You would use a crossover cable to connect a like for like device e.g. switch to switch, PC to PC, router to router, etc.

You would use a straighthrough cable to connnect two different devices e.g. router to switch, PC to switch, switch to games console, etc

There are a few exceptions to this rule but none that you will come up against.

  CrazyTalk 17:56 27 Feb 2009

ok I think I see how to do it.

Basically the face plates is great your right a dirty hole in the wall is bad so yes the face plates is the way to go.

So this is what I aim to do.

Internet connection is upstairs so's my NAS and PC which connect to the internet router. All of which have 1 gb nics apart from the router (100mb which may get upgraded at some point).
I want to gear up for 1GB of band width as I have HD camcorder and the size of these file are monstrous which sit on my NAS (which I like to watch on TV downstairs). So use a 1gb switch upstairs to connect PC, Router and NAS to. From the switch go out through the wall(faceplate upstairs) then back through the wall (face plate downstairs) Now that we are downstairs from the face plate connect to a switch downstairs which in turn has my PS3 connected to it and other peripherals (could be a Laptop another PC a wireless router etc)

Does this make sense? :S

So am I right in thinking I do straights from Router,NAS and PC to switch upstairs. Crossover from switch out to faceplate. Cross over out the wall from face plate upstairs to downstairs faceplate. Cross over from faceplate to switch downstairs and then stragihts out from switch to PC, PS3 etc etc?

  Tech Guy 19:01 27 Feb 2009

Very nearly.

You do use ALL straight through patch leads upstairs.

The only crossover you need is between the face plates.

A picture speaks a 1000 words:

click here

Any more questions - ask away.

  bobbybowls 01:48 28 Feb 2009

this might be of some help. if possible you would be better with the cable in the wall, ask a local electrician to have a look. 1/2 a days work £50/£100.

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
plaster board click here
brick click here
click here
click here
click here cable through wall into back of box, silicon around box where it is fixed to wall.

  CrazyTalk 10:17 28 Feb 2009

Tech guy thanks for the pic and all your help also to bobby for some options. As you say tech guy pictures speak 1000 words. Thanks again everyone. I think this has resolved my addled brain.

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