cat6 home network confusion

  tinno 10:21 27 Nov 2012

Hi - hope someone can shed some light on my confusion.

We have had an extension and I am therefore taking the opportunity while the house is in disarray to install lots of phone and ethernet sockets.

I am using cat6 cable for voice and data. All faceplates in all the rooms will be RJ45 so I can interchange between using them for phone or data when required as they are being connected to a patch panel.

I am filtering at the NTE5 master box, so no need for lots and lots of filters cluttering the house.

This is the confusing bit for me - what cable to use from the master (NTE5) box to the router and phone service panel. Am I correct in just using phone cable from the master to my router and another phone cable from the master (obviously using the correct filtering connections at the back of the NTE5)to a phone service panel (this has an input for the phone line and splits into several outlets).

Everything on the "otherside" of the network is using cat6(i.e from router to patch panel and from patch panel to faceplates). Same with the phone line, once its connected upto the phone service panel, everything out of that is cat6.

1) Should I be running everything in cat6 from my master socket?

2) Will it make any difference using cat6 between NTE5 and router?

3) I can't see any point in running cat6 from the master to the phone service panel as this is just voice? Would you agree?

2) If I should be running cat6 from master box to router then how would I connect the router to cat6 as the router has an rj11 socket and I have read you cannot use an rj11 plug with cat6?

Hope this is clear and that someone can give me an answer fairly quickly as I need to "crack" on withit! The wife is complaining about the mess and thinks I am just indulging myself and that I should be getting on with the "real work" in the house!!

P.S All I read when reading about keeping cat6 away from electrical cable is that it should be kept the "minimum" distance away - nobody actually says what that distance is - not very helpful cos anybody could say that -does anybody know officially - I have heard 12"?

  Forum Editor 19:38 27 Nov 2012

I suggest that you read this for wiring information.

With regard to your question about CAT6 and mains cables, the big thing to remember is that if at all possible you should avoid a situation in which a CAT6 cable crosses a mains cable, or vice versa. If crossing is unavoidable it should be at right-angles, thus minimising the contact or proximity point.

Otherwise, try to keep a degree of separation between mains cables and CAT6 that run parallel - how much separation you can achieve will depend on circumstances. Keep the radius as slow as possible when CAT6 cables turn corners of course, and avoid kinks like the plague.

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