Case temperature display connections

  Gongoozler 21:02 16 Sep 2005

I have just bought a cheap case from Ebuyer to rebuild a computer from old parts for my grandson click here. This case just happens to have an lcd display for "Temperature Display with time/fan monitor/overheat and fan failure alarm." In addition to the normal wiring there are 3 temperature probes labelled CPU, SYS and HDD. The function of these is fairly obvious and I'll just stick them to the appropriate places. There are also 3 cables with 3-pin connectors also labelled CPU, SYS and HDD. The cables each have yellow, red and black wires in that order. The black wires are all connected together somewhere, and so are presumeably 0V. The connectors are pins as opposed to sockets. Does anyone on this forum have any ideas where these cables should be connected? Also the case has a second, longer, cable with a connector labelled HDD LED and a paper label marked MBD HDD. As there is already a cable with a HDD LED connector, does anybody have any ideas what this cable could be for? Getting the LCD display to work isn't vitallly important as the computer will work perfectly well without it, but it will be interesting trying to do it.

  Gongoozler 21:50 16 Sep 2005

It looks like the "Temperature Display with time/fan monitor/overheat and fan failure alarm" is functionally something like the controller part of this Multi-Auto Controller click here#. If I'm right, the 3-pin connectors are power to the fans. The additional HDD LED connector is still a mystery though. I can see that I'll have fun experimenting, but I think I'll use a spare CPU cooler first and let the motherboard look after the real CPU cooler. I wonder where the controller gets its power from.

  Gongoozler 08:52 17 Sep 2005

No responses to this one so far. I think I've found out enough to make a start anyway, but I'm now off for a weeks gongoozling on the Oxford canal, so I'll start the computer build when I get back. I'll leave this thread unresolved until then and report the results here in the hope that it will be helpful to someone else.

  Gongoozler 08:33 30 Sep 2005

Right - I've now got this one sorted (almost). The 3 temperature probes labelled CPU, SYS and HDD do just what I'd expect, they monitor the temperature of the CPU, motherboard and hard drive. The 3 cables with 3-pin connectors labelled CPU, SYS and HDD are to drive the fans so that the Temperature Display module can monitor the fan speeds. It possibly also turns the fans off a low temperatures, but I haven't tested that. The module has a beeper which I suspect sounds an alarm if any of the temperature monitors reports an overheat, but I haven't checked that either. The long HDD LED cable, I suspect, is to give an indication on the display when the hard drive is active. This cable connects to the Temperature Display circuit board, and I suspect that the case LED is meant to pick up the signal from another pair of pins on the circuit board, but I haven't bothered with that one. Power to the Temperature Display module is via a 4-pin connector that links into a drive power connector. The Display module connector was tucked away in a corner, so I didn't find it until I had dismantled the front panel. As I said, getting the LCD display to work wasn't vitallly important, but it was an interesting exercise, and my 6-year old grandson thinks it's really cool.

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