case rivits and motherboards

  sunny staines 21:33 27 Apr 2006

In the process of updating my old gateway pc with a lnewer motherboard/processer/ddr ram I had been given.

After stripping down the pc & removing the motherboard screws I found that i could not remove the gateway motherboard as it was also secured with brackets which had been rivited to the case frame.

Is there any tips other than drilling out the rivits to free the old board from the case?

  octal 22:00 27 Apr 2006

I don't think there's any option but to drill the rivets out. You should be OK doing it, its best to use a hand drill instead of an electric one, its not as fierce as the electric one.

  sunny staines 22:08 27 Apr 2006

thanks for the reply.

I Have drilled out the side ones only to find the bracket folded under the motherboard with more rivits there. got a bit cautious as i do not want to damage the underside of the stuck on how i can get rid of these ones.

  GuZ><0r 22:24 27 Apr 2006

Jsut a suggestion, but would it not just be easier to replace the case.

There are many cheap ones here >> click here

  Arnie 23:00 27 Apr 2006

If you can access the rivets from the metal casework do the following.

I assume the drill diameter you are using is around 3mm.

Take a few 4mm nuts or equivalent and slip them over the drill bit. Allow around 4mm of the drill bit tip to protrude. The nuts will act as a mechanical stop and prevent the tip hitting the motherboard.

I have used this technique time and time again on numerous projects.

Good luck.

  sunny staines 08:03 28 Apr 2006

GUZ OR& Arnie

Thanks for the tips.

  Arnie 19:58 28 Apr 2006

My pleasure.

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